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#Giffoni2022, Gubitosi: "These young people are all champions, now it is your turn to change Italy."

"You are a skilled, self-determined, intelligent youth. During these days you have shown, together with us, that no one is allowed to speak on your behalf anymore. Your and Giffoni's freedom is untouchable and I will not allow anyone to contaminate it", said Claudio Gubitosi, Director and Founder of the Festival, at the closing meeting of the 52nd edition with the boys and the girls of Impact! in the Sala Blu of the Multimedia Valley. It was a special edition, Gubitosi has no doubts about that: "We took a leap of faith to go beyond the obstacle - he said - and the obstacle was called Covid. We managed to get back together. We know that everything that is extraordinary today came naturally yesterday." This year Giffoni was a real celebration: in ten days 350 thousand people attended meetings, concerts, shows and events. The meaning of Giffoni this year is, therefore, called freedom.

The beginning of #Giffoni2022 in the name of peace with a march in which thousands of kids took part: Giffoni rejects war, it stands side by side with Ukraine, conscious that there is a country being attacked by an aggressor: "It's a political choice - explains Gubitosi - we are aware of this. We did everything we could to reach out to President Zelensky, but we did not succeed. However, there is no doubt about our position, which we have expressed in very harsh terms."

Giffoni is also transformation. And it is Gubitosi himself who announced some innovations that will be implemented in the forthcoming months: "From September - he said - the first ten innovative start-ups will arrive. This is the result of these last few years devoted to innovation, a sector that went great this year too. Giffoni is changing its skin for you. In 2023 we will have new structures and we will open up to other experiences. As always Giffoni will be a different story." President Pietro Rinaldi spoke on behalf of the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience: "We are happy - he said - and proud of everything these guys have done over these ten days. I have listened to you and really appreciated your work." Jacopo Gubitosi, General Manager of Giffoni, underlined the protagonism and centrality of young people: "In these days - he stated - we have been able to listen to your voices. You opened up and showed us your personalities. It has been a wonderful experience." At the end of the meeting, feelings and emotions from the jurors.

The 2022 edition of the Giffoni Film Festival ends with staggering numbers. Over 5.000 jurors from 35 countries, more than 250 guests and 118 competing films were involved. Web, social media, website and press show the image of a Festival that is increasingly popular: 300 thousand views in 10 days for the website, with 50 thousand new users. A real boom on social media with a dizzying growth in terms of contacts and, then, the attention of the press with 565 printed articles, 3799 online articles, 170 television reports by national networks. All in all, nearly 400 million people have been reached over these ten days.


July 30, 2022

Giffoni 2022, the winning short films

Category: #Giffoni2022 July 30th
The Swiss short film GIUSEPPE, directed by Isabelle Favez, wins the prestigious Gryphon Award in the ELEMENTS +3 section. At the heart of the animated short film, the story of the friendship between a little hedgehog busy with lethargy and the bunnies Ayana…