Saturday, 30 July 2022 18:27

Giffoni 2022, the winning short films

The Swiss short film GIUSEPPE, directed by Isabelle Favez, wins the prestigious Gryphon Award in the ELEMENTS +3 section. At the heart of the animated short film, the story of the friendship between a little hedgehog busy with lethargy and the bunnies Ayana and Toto.

For the ELEMENTS +6 section, the coveted award goes to the animated short film VULCANO, directed by the team of directors composed by Margherita Abbruzzi, Serena Miraglia, Giada Rizzi and Lara Zizzi, students of the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Turin. The protagonist of this story, set in the ancient Greece, is the young Hephaestus who, trying to void his exile from the Olympus, falsifies a gift for his mother, Era. To ensure that this gift comes into the hands of the goddess, he’s forced to make a deal with Hermes.

The jurors of the ELEMENTS +10 section decreed the short film NEL MARE CI SONO I COCCODRILLI, directed by the Italian director Rosalba Vitellaro, winner. The film is based on the homonymous book written by Fabio Geda and produced by Larcadarte and RAI Ragazzi. Enaiatollah is nine years old the day his mother decides to leave him alone in Pakistan to save him from Taliban that claim him as a payment of a debt. The short film also received the CLEAR CHANNEL ITALIA AWARD – innovation and sustainability in the Special Award category.

To conclude the award ceremony dedicated to short films, the PARENTAL EXPERIENCE section with BRICIOLE, directed by Rebecca Maria Margot and interpreted, among others, by Vanessa Scalera, Elena Cotta and Renato Marchetti. Policeman Alfredo lives in a small apartment with his wife, Donatella, and his 3 children. Waiting for their fourth baby, between the pressures of work and family life, the man finds himself having to answer an emergency call, following an armed robbery. From this event, the outlook on his own life will change radically.