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Giffoni 2022, the winning feature

After the overview of competing feature films, jurors have chosen to reward the most emotional entries. The big family of Giffoni favoured intense stories such as the tale of a courageous nun, lives on the edge, fears, tensions of young people who have grown up too fast, projects of change, great challenges to overcome, and prejudices that make them only apparently "invisible". VINSKI AND THE INVISIBILITY POWDER (Finland) wins the Gryphon Award for best feature film in the Elements +6 category. The film, directed by Juha Wuolijoki, tells the story of a 10-year-old boy's encounter with a mysterious pharmacist. The man gives him a bottle of magic powder, capable of making him invisible, crossing walls and helping his community. For Elements +10, the winner is FULL OF GRACE. We are taken back to the summer of 1994 (Spain - international distribution Film Factory Entertainment), through the work of Roberto Bueso. Marina, a rather unusual nun, arrives at an orphanage in danger of closing. The beginning is not idyllic, but slowly she will create - through football - a strong bond with the boys who will find together a way to save their home. The film is based on the true story of Spanish footballer Valdo.

Taking the Gryphon Award out of the competing feature films in the Generator +13 section is LA TRAVIATA, MY BROTHERS AND I by French director Yohan Manca. A touching story: little Nour develops a passion for classical music so that he can feel closer to his mother, who has been in a coma for years. Forced cohabitation with his older brothers will lead the child not to give up and to pursue his talent as an opera singer. GENERATOR +16 Giffoners decided to award the prestigious Gryphon Award to the feature film MY BROTHERS DREAM AWAKE by Chilean director Claudia Huaiquimilla. A film dedicated to all the victims of the 2007 fire in a juvenile prison in Chile. A tragedy triggered by a riot for the abuse suffered by the prisoners, in which 10 boys aged 14 to 17 lost their lives. Finally, the jurors of the GENERATOR +18 section chose to honour the film STAY AWAKE by director Jamie Sisley. The director's autobiographical story showed the audience how determinedly two teenage brothers struggled for years to get their beloved mother out of the vortex of drug addiction. The GexDoc category was won by LYRA (Ireland), directed by Alison Millar. LYRA, a feature-length documentary screened in the Sala Galileo for the GexDoc section, is an intimate portrait of the life, glittering career and dramatic death of renowned Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee. A supporter of the LBGTQ+ movement, the reporter was shot dead by dissident Irish republicans in April 2019. She was 29 years old.

Special prizes were also awarded this year. The CIAL - Environment Award - ALUMINIUM GRYPHON goes to HOW I LEARNED TO FLY (Serbia / Croatia / Bulgaria / Slovakia). Screened in the Elements +10 category, directed by Radivoje Andrić, it tells the story of family and rediscovered feelings, with nature providing the backdrop for a moving and topical story. The environment award is given to this film because it highlights the evident relationship of love, freedom and carefreeness that the protagonist Sofija lives with the sea of the Croatian island that welcomes her, protective and generous, helping and supporting her in perhaps the most complicated years of a young woman's life. The LETE SPECIAL AWARD - SPORT AND SOCIAL CULTURE goes to BIGMAN (Netherlands), directed by Camiel Schouwenaar, Elements +10 category. Bigman is an emotional work that shows how the strength of a dream and a passion for sport manage to allow a boy, Dylan, to rebuild his life after a tragic accident and make him a great warrior that reminds us of champions such as Bebe Vio and Alex Zanardi. The film is, in part, also an autobiographical story by screenwriter Job Tichelman. The winner of the ACEA SUSTAINABILITY AWARD was the film SUPER FURBALL SAVES THE FUTURE directed by Joona Tena in the ELEMENTS +6 category. A film based on the books by Paula Noronen, starring young Emilia on a mission that could change the destiny of humanity: saving bees to preserve diversity in the world. The CGS (Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali) - Creative Paths 2022 Special Prize was assigned to the film SONATA in competition in the GENERATOR +13 section, directed by Polish director Bartosz Blascke. Based on a true story, the protagonist is a boy with severe hearing problems but with one big dream in his pocket: to play Beethoven's 'Moonlight Serenade'. A beautiful story in which there is no room for obstacles and prejudice.




July 30, 2022

Giffoni 2022, the winning short films

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The Swiss short film GIUSEPPE, directed by Isabelle Favez, wins the prestigious Gryphon Award in the ELEMENTS +3 section. At the heart of the animated short film, the story of the friendship between a little hedgehog busy with lethargy and the bunnies Ayana…