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#Giffoni2022, a success of communication: the figures for social media, press and website

The figures of the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film Festival are staggering. Ten days of emotion, courage and commotion. Ten days suspended between dream and magic. Ten full days, of views and passion, that have shown that is possible to exorcise the fear and face the challenges of the present through culture and cinema. The data recorded are a concrete and tangible witness to what has been done, and provides an enthusiastic picture of it. This edition involved 5,000 jurors coming from 35 countries, more than 250 guests and 118 works in competition. Web, social media, website and press provides the narration of an extraordinary success.

Let’s start from the network. The website 300,000 views in 10 days with 50,000 new users among various countries: Italy, United States, Swiss, France, China, Germany, Spain, England and Netherland, to which are added 30,000 views of the English version of the website with 12,000 new users.

Let’s get to the social media. The reach on Facebook is 3,956,355 persons (+50,4% compared to the previous period) and, on Instagram, is 4,143,920 (+48% compared to the previous period). The views of the pages of the Giffoni Film Festival are 9,7000,000 (Facebook) and 10,8000,000 (Instagram). The followers of the event also increase: the fans are +1,573 on Facebook (+495,8% compared to the previous period) and +4,662 (+400,3% compared to the previous period) on Instagram. The most interesting figure is the exponential increase of the check-in (the visitors that have posted content geolocating themselves at the Festival), equivalent to 5,600% higher, clear signal that Giffoni has come back to live in presence.

Not least, the attention given to the press, a public success increased, this year, by the return of the international broadcasters. The publications include 565 articles published in print, 3,799 web articles, 170 television reports of the national networks Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Lira tv, Telecapri, Tv 2000 and Bloomberg Television, a network of satellite channels that reaches 310 millions houses all over the world. In addition to this, more than thirty radio interviews. A reach that has made it possible to attain 400,000,000 connections. All the figures are only going to increase because they do not take into account the last day of the Festival.


July 30, 2022

Giffoni 2022, the winning short films

Category: #Giffoni2022 July 30th
The Swiss short film GIUSEPPE, directed by Isabelle Favez, wins the prestigious Gryphon Award in the ELEMENTS +3 section. At the heart of the animated short film, the story of the friendship between a little hedgehog busy with lethargy and the bunnies Ayana…