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Dc League of Super-Pets exclusive preview at #Giffoni2022 with Lillo and Maccio Capatonda

Lillo entered Sala Truffaut wearing a red swirling cape: a perfect outfit for a hero. He already showed his superpowers as Posaman in LOL series (Prime Video), using laughter as a weapon. At Giffoni Film Festival instead he presented the exclusive preview of DC League of Super-Pets, animated feature film coming to theatres on September the 1st. He gives voice to Krypto, the super-dog, whilst Maccio Capatonda – who attended the event via Zoom video call, while he was on a boat – dubbed Asso, the other protagonist of the animated film. A life-size version of the two characters accompanied Lillo on stage, where he answered giffoners’ questions and curiosities. The event was sponsored by Warner Bros. Discovery, which gifted giffoners with a colouring book during the interview and with t-shirts during the Blu Carpet.

“In my opinion – he said – Giffoni is the best event to present this film. It’s such a cool film, you’re going to have fun. I’ll tell you more: at Giffoni kids are so important, they have so much power that it’s like the film is watching them instead of them watching the film”. This is the fourth experience in dubbing for the comedian coming from Abruzzo, Maccio Capatonda: “I have always wanted to dub. When I was only 13 I used my recorder to dub Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, but it’s not easy, maybe I’ll get to do it right at the twentieth try”. The film counts two extra scenes after closing credits. It makes the audience see Justice League in a different light. In particular, superman is presented as a sweetheart who loves rituals: every morning he takes a “walk” through the clouds together with his friend Krypto. The two of them have special superpowers, they can fly too, but when Clarke wants to merry Lois troubles begin: the super-dog feels neglected and mysteriously everyone lose their superpowers, except for the pets, so that super-pets will have to save their owners and the world. The preview ended up in laughter, loud applause and a little bit of crying too, because the story is both funny and moving in an unconventional yet lively combination.


July 30, 2022

Giffoni 2022, the winning short films

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The Swiss short film GIUSEPPE, directed by Isabelle Favez, wins the prestigious Gryphon Award in the ELEMENTS +3 section. At the heart of the animated short film, the story of the friendship between a little hedgehog busy with lethargy and the bunnies Ayana…