Tuesday, 26 July 2022 10:49

Prey, at Giffoni Film Festival 2022 a spine-tingling preview for the upcoming Disney+ thriller

A definitely... chilling preview! On July 26th Giffoni Film Festival presents Prey, the action thriller of the summer, coming on August 5th on Disney+. The new chapter of the Predator saga is an origin story, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, which plunges its roots 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation. The project aimed at respecting a very high level of authenticity in its portrayal of the indigenous peoples, reflected in the presence of producer Jhane Myers and the cast, composed almost entirely of First Nation natives.
The title of the film revolves around the concept of prey (opposed to that of predator, to which the audience has become familiar so far). The protagonist, Naru, is a relentless warrior, raised in a tribe of legendary hunters who sharpened her sense of smell and instinct during their adventures out in the Great Plains. At some point, though, something changes, and a mysterious prey threatens her camp in a more dangerous way than usual. It is only later that she discovers that such prey is in fact an alien predator whose advanced technology threatens to wipe out an entire community (and culture). The stakes are high and the battle looms to be epic.