Thursday, 28 April 2022 18:59

DEAD SEA GUARDIANS conquers Giffoni: “We’ll take a swim together in the Dead Sea”

Passion, beauty and the fragility of our planet, the ability to turn indifference into knowledge and the desire to defend the wonders that surround us: all of this is Verde Giffoni as well as the "active" heart of the documentary DEAD SEA GUARDIANS, which focuses on the story of three men brought together by their passion for swimming and their love for the Dead Sea. The stories that are making giffoners' days so colorful are incredible and the "In&Out Society" section are providing young people with a unique opportunity for reflection, a moment when preserving means participating and being actively involved.

"You have all officially become Dead Sea guardians. You know why? Because you have the right energy, the energy we need", said Ido Glass, one of the directors of the film. "We're going to save this amazing place and I'm going to take you all swimming with me", added director Yoav Kleinman, who was visibly moved by the overwhelming sympathy shown by the giffoners. "You have to be patient, these things take time, but we won't give up and we'll soon be talking about achieved goals. Telling stories can be the key, making life known is the answer. We live in a small world, what happens on one side is reflected on the other. Creating events like this is essential, the Dead Sea is an incredible treasure and starting today it will be less lonely, as it has just found new audiences to thrill. Giffoni combines everything, mind and heart, passion and hope". This is how change can become a shared action. "Many hands hold better; many hearts beat stronger. The only way we can make it is together".