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#Giffoni2022, The Revolution of the Invisible ones: an important message from director Claudio Gubitosi

How does Giffoni present itself at the threshold of the new year? What are the paths it will take in the near future? 2022 can be seen as the first year following the pandemic and the starting point of a new, decisive stage in Giffoni’s journey.
2020 and 2021 have been the same thing to me: two years dedicated to the celebrations of the festival’s fiftieth anniversary, which have shown the world how necessary it is, today and always, to mend the deep wounds that the pandemic and the lockdown have caused to our young people”, explained director Claudio Gubitosi. “This journey has significantly developed but now, at the threshold of 2022, I feel ready to embark on a new path.  Therefore, I am happy to announce that in 2022 Giffoni’s journey will start from a word, an idea: the invisible. It will not be an improvised theme or topic of discussion: it will be the unit of measurement, the raison d'être and the key element that will determine our next steps. In the future of Giffoni the only path to follow will be the one that will allow us to carry out − with extreme diligence, honesty and determination − a proper revolution: the revolution of the invisible”.
He continued: “Why am I telling you this? Because over the past few months I have been obsessed with a fixed idea, a constant thought that has never left me: I felt and feel that I have thousands of adopted children around the world, because Giffoni is family, it means home. And what does a father do in times of trouble? He helps his children, especially those who are in greatest need. During these months I thus decided that I would not leave my kids alone, not even for a moment.  This generation is extremely complicated because our youngsters are hyper-connected and yet, almost as a retaliation punishment, they are often alone. They are bombarded with words, but often cannot find the right ones to describe how they feel and what they want. This is the paradox of our times. It just takes a moment for them to connect with the whole world, yet the world often seems not to see them. This is why it is right, it is necessary, it is essential that Giffoni gives voice to their energy and their great talent, which they are unable to express”.
“The real revolution, the one I have in mind, will be to finally make these young people and their unlimited potential visible”, added Gubitosi. “Who do they feel represented by? Perhaps by no one and this is why I feel a strong responsibility to help them bring out their need to be involved, to express their thoughts and to take control of their dreams and their future. Power to the invisible? Why not. This way, we could also fight certain unbearable hypocrisy. There is a fund for these people, the NextGenerationEu. This means money, the largest package of incentive measures ever financed in Europe. These resources have been allocated to encourage the recovery, to rebuild Europe after the pandemic, to create a greener, more digital and more resilient Europe. However, given that this money is addressed to young people, who should decide how to use them? The answer is obvious: young people, of course. Yet, no one has ever considered the possibility of involving them, of making shared choices with them, of giving them a leading role. This is a hypocritical behavior and I have been fighting hypocrisy my whole life. Of course, I won’t stop doing it today. The invisible lies within each one of us because in each one of us there is a dimension that we don’t disclose to the world, a hidden side that often represents our truest and most authentic self, a part we cannot see but is essential, a part that often stays silent because we are frightened by other people’s judgement, or feel uncomfortable or scared. In Giffoni, it is precisely this part that is taken care of.  What always takes place here is a magic spell, something that is not even easy to explain. In Giffoni, all beliefs are often questioned and balances are subverted, which gives young people confidence and hope. We need to do this again. Especially today.
Today there are millions of school dropouts, lots of kids who are victims of educational poverty, and no one ever talks about that”, he said. “There are refugees, those who are fighting to assert their ideas. Those who are fleeing from hunger and certain death. Those who are forced to compromise their dignity in order to survive. There are youngsters who feel their diversity as a disvalue, there are unconventional young people who do not understand the world and that the world does not seem to understand. These and many others are the invisible: boys and girls who do exist − we see them, they are among us − and yet become invisible the moment we erase them from society and lock them up in a sort of Dantesque circle bursting with humanity and with a dormant lust for life that smolders beneath the ashes. The revolution I want to make must involve each and every one of them”.
The ideas and the path to take are clear: “Where do I intend to start from? From an unceasing awareness campaign that will necessarily have to involve media, cinema and television”, explained Gubitosi. “I am making a proposal that may seem absurd; however, I hope you will be willing to think about it very seriously. I would like all television programs next week not to be presented by those who are already “visible” and I also would like talk shows not to feature the “usual suspects”, who in this way become even more famous and “usual”. Everything revolves around those who already have something. Instead, I would like to ensure that space and voice are given to those who have nothing (yet). This way, we could have TV shows such as “Dancing with ordinary people”, “We are all brothers” or “Normalchef”. Rather than the usual big shots arguing about the vaccine at all hours, I would like to see on TV the researchers who worked day and night to design and develop that vaccine. Even within “a quarter of an hour” − not necessarily “half an hour”, like in the Rai3 program  − television can bring out something or someone invisible. It would be a truly revolutionary change if the invisible could shape the agenda, influence TV programming and finally tip the balance in terms of political, economic, social and cultural choices. This revolution will be fueled by evidence: I will demonstrate that this can be done and that it doesn’t take much. In a nutshell, I will show how beautiful, therapeutic −I would say life-saving − it is to act in order to subvert, disrupt, create a new balance”.
He then concluded: “All this requires a sound optimism, a dreamy realism and an essential ability to sense the future, foresee it and anticipate it, just as happened 52 years ago, when a powerful image flashed before my eyes when I was only 18. That image looked like a glimpse of the future: it was a dream and today it has become a reality that has been able to change the world. Just as it is going to happen today: the invisible will change the world. I believe in this and I will stand with them in this revolution”.


May 09, 2022

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