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Claudio Gubitosi turns 70: on October 20, Giffoni will celebrate the founder and director of the festival

On Wednesday October 20Claudio Gubitosifounder and director of Giffoniwill turn 70 and will be celebrated by his whole team and the entire community. This special day will be markedbytwo major events: the first one will take place in the City Hall of the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana at 11:30 am in the presence of local authorities. It will be a tribute from the territory, which is “deeplygrateful to him − as mayor Antonio Giuliano has written − for having brought Giffoni to the world and the world to Giffoni”. The second ceremony will be held in the afternoon in the Multimedia Valley building, where the team members will gather to extend their best wishes to director Gubitosi in a festive atmosphere.
Furthermore, from 18 to 21 October, the website will be entirely dedicated to this event, giving visitors the chance to scroll through videos, photos and texts recounting the most important stages of Claudio Gubitosi’s life, which is inextricably intertwined with his intuition, an idea that has managed to conquer the world. That is the idea of Giffoni: a festival, a creative agency, a place of happiness and innovation.
Thanks to his strong determination and lucid planning skills, at the tender age of 18 he founded the Giffoni Film Festival, which has been home to the best international cinema for the younger generations for over 50 years. Gubitosi has devoted his entire life to the young, and many have considered him a “father” who was always there and ready to listen. It is by being close to his giffoners − especially in the hardest moments, such as the pandemic − that the Director has been able to build a community that is now present in 53 countries around the world. In 2009, he decided to turn Giffoni into a cultural factory operating all year round. The conception and realization of the Cittadella del Cinema first and then of the Multimedia Valley − both in constant evolution − are among his greatest achievements, designed to offer stimuli and opportunities to young talents. These facilities represent the most important entity in Southern Italy dedicated to education, production and innovation related to the languages of art, cinema and entertainment or, in a word, to culture.
In light of this, next Wednesday will not be a simple birthday anniversary, but the celebration of a cultural and political project that has been able to turn a little town in the Picentini Mountains into a priceless point of reference for millions of children and families, cultural operators, show business personalities and representatives of institutions and civil society, who have come over the years from every corner of the world.


May 09, 2022

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