Wednesday, 06 October 2021 16:46

From October 7 to 12, the ninth edition of Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival in Skopje

The in-person event, co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture − Directorate-General for Cinema and by the North Macedonian Ministry of Culture − National Film Agency, will focus on innovation, debates and the promotion of Italian cinema

Giffoni resumes its international activities starting from Skopje: from October 7 to 12 the ninth edition of the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival will take place. In the darkest year of modern history, organizing a festival in Italy is a political and emotional statement of great significance. It implies attention, responsibility, determination and no hesitations. Organizing a festival abroad – almost two years after the outbreak of the pandemic – is not simply a tangible sign that something is changing, but also an act of love that can boost confidence in the cultural and film industry.
Through its program, the event will link jurors, cinema and ideas, bringing together hundreds of young people in attendance with as many peers connected from different cities and countries. The initiative is co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture – Directorate-General for Cinema and the North Macedonia Film Agency. It is supported by the Italian Embassy in Skopje and organized by Giffoni and the association Planet M.
The structure of the festival will be similar to that of #Giffoni50Plus: a jury of 180 young people divided into three categories − juniors (10 to 14 years old), cadets (14 to 16 years old) and seniors (16 to 19 years old) − will be joined by other boys and girls from Macedonian and foreign hubs, who will attend live movie screenings, debates and online workshops. The event is organized with the backing of the OSCE Mission in Skopje and supported with funds from the “Building bridges” program for inclusion and cooperation between educational institutions.
The opening ceremony is scheduled for ThursdayOctober 7 at 6 pm at the Cinema Frosina, in the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje. Giffoni will be represented by its Managing Director Jacopo Gubitosi, Giffoni Macedonia’s Project Manager Marco CesaroRosario Minervini from the management team and Rita Esposito from the communication team. On behalf of the association Planet M, the director of Giffoni Macedonia Darko Basheski and the program director Dea Krstevska will be present. The event will also be attended by many institutional representatives such as the Italian Ambassador in Skopje Andrea Silvestri and the Minister of Culture of North Macedonia Irena Stefoska.
Dynamism has always distinguished Giffoni and in the past year and a half we haven’t done less”, explains Jacopo Gubitosi. “Going back abroad in person is a concrete message of restart for Giffoni: we cannot stand still. Culture is part of our psychological wellbeing and it should once again become a reason for young people to meet and actively interact, while carefully observing the rules. We are very happy to resume our activities abroad: Giffoni has been present in North Macedonia since 2013, when we started an educational and cultural path that is growing year after year. Here we found a fantastic reality, highly knowledgeable young people, cultural organizations and local and national institutions that immediately decided to join us and that today are absolute protagonists. This is just the first stage of Giffoni’s long international journey”.
This path also aims at promoting Italian cinema abroad. Indeed, the festival’s opening ceremony will be followed by the screening of the movie GLASSBOY by director and screenwriter Samuele Rossi, which was freely inspired by the Andersen Award-winning novel Il Bambino di Vetro (The Glass Child) by Fabrizio Silei. In this regard, the Italian Ambassador in Skopje, Andrea Silvestri, will meet the Giffoni team on TuesdayOctober 5. Furthermore, on FridayOctober 8Rosario Minervini (Giffoni team) will hold a masterclass on the “difficult art of selecting film productions for young audiences”.
Our giffoners’ biggest wish was to be able to go back to the movie theatres and experience the magic of Giffoni with their friends”, says Darko Basheski. “Despite the difficulties and the restrictions still in place, we have managed to ensure that a limited number of young people, 180 in total, can fulfill this dream, in full compliance with all safety protocols. Another 100 will join them online: around 50 boys and girls will connect from the hubs located in five Macedonian cities, some others will participate from their homes and 30 foreign jurors will take part in this experience from 5 different European countries, namely Italy, Croatia, Greece, Romania and Poland”.
A large number of Italian and international works will be submitted to the careful evaluation of the young participants. The competition includes: GLASS BOY (Italy) by Samuele Rossi; BIRTA (Iceland) by Bragi Thor Hinriksson; JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 (Germany) by Dennis Gansel; SPACEBOY (Belgium) by Veerle De Wilde; THE FAM (Switzerland) by Fred Baillif; STOP – ZEMLIA (USA) by Joe Duca; VACARME (Canada) by Neegan Trudel; ATLAS (Belgium/Italy/Switzerland) by Niccolò Castelli; NIGHT FOREST (Germany) by André Hörmann; PETYA OF MY PETYA (Bulgaria) by Alexander Kossev and ON THE EDGE (Russia) by Eduard Bordukov.
Giffoni Macedonia knows no obstacles and continues its journey towards the heart of young people, as it has been doing for the past nine years”, adds Dea Krstevska. “In addition to the full immersion in quality cinema intended for the young and our selection of short movies and animated movies, we are going to increase the number of our creative workshops, which are more and more demanded by young people and every year prove to be a breeding ground for new talents. The masterclasses will feature guests who have chosen art as their passion or job, but space will also be given to youngsters who have strong ideas and want to share them with the world. In other words, it will be a careful restart which, however, will be carried out with great enthusiasm and the hope of being able to welcome numerous people again and be reunited with all our international friends in Skopje in the tenth edition scheduled for next year”.
Finally, the closing ceremony will be held on TuesdayOctober 12. The winning movies will be announced and the works produced by the young people during the creative workshops will be presented.