Sunday, 01 August 2021 15:54

The emotions of the closing ceremony: Giffoni is family

The awarding of the winning films. The speeches of the Vice President of the Campania Region Bonavitacola and the Undersecretary for Culture Borgonzoni. The words of Jacopo Gubitosi: our spirit is confirmed. We are all protagonists here, no one excluded

The awards to the winning films, the emotion of the directors in the hall, the applause of the jurors, the goodbye to next year: these are the emotions perceived in Sala Truffaut for the closing ceremony of #Giffoni50Plus. 

Director Claudio Gubitosi opened the ceremony: "I have to thank everyone," he began, "especially the two thousand young people who followed us from our Italian and international hubs. I said it at the conference: next year we aim to have over 6500 jurors from 53 countries. I want to give a hug to my team, which has been formidable. It was not easy, but we have shown that, with the right behaviour and the responsibility of individuals, it can be done. Thanks to the facilitators and selectors. They selected these wonderful films out of 4500. 101 is how many we submitted. All beautiful". 

The evening was conducted by Luca Apolito, director of creative activities and artistic productions at Giffoni, and Orazio Cerino. 

The first citizen of Giffoni Valle Piana took the stage. Antonio Giuliano. Excited and satisfied, this is how he says he feels: "It is an emotion - he commented - that every year enriches and enriches me. Once again Giffoni has shown not strength, but courage and determination". 

Pietro Rinaldi, president of the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience is next: "I feel the duty - he said - to thank Claudio for this fantastic edition. A real shout of joy has been heard from Giffoni in these days. I want to thank the families who continue to trust us. We feel the responsibility of all this". 

It starts with the award ceremonies. From special prizes to short films and feature films. The directors' speeches fill the audience with emotion. Some are present in the hall, others have sent a video-message. They all say they are honoured because the Giffoni awards are assigned by the children, by the audience, by those to whom the films are addressed. If the message gets through, a filmmaker can only be pleased.

Then, Fulvio Bonavitacola stepped onto the stage: "This has been a great edition – he said – a truly passionate and very successful one, despite the difficult conditions due to the health emergency that is still not behind us. We owe it to the organisation and to all those who contributed to its success. The Campania Region has always been close to Giffoni and I wonder how it could be otherwise. Here we are following a path that looks at the world through the eyes of young people, that breaks down barriers, that thinks in universal terms.  We need a planet that is governed by a global logic, and we shouldn’t just focus on our own backyard. Don't rush to become adults, do it without losing the spirit you have today.  Thank you Claudio for giving us such a great emotion once again”. 

Then, a delicate and touching remembrance of Giffoner and artist Chiara Pepe, prematurely passed away a month ago, took place. Chiara Pepe created the images of several editions of Giffoni: her works – said Luca Apolito – will always be a symbol of Giffoni. Meeting her creativity changed my life". 

After that, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni took the floor: "It is always wonderful to be here – she said – I thank all the administrative bodies that support Giffoni.  I bring the greetings of Minister Franceschini, who is very fond of this Festival, too. But I feel I can also bring the greetings of the whole Government. You cannot describe the feelings you experience when you come to Giffoni, you have to live them. Giffoni is a wave that overwhelms you, Giffoni is family".

The event was rounded off by Jacopo Gubitosi, Giffoni's managing director: "We are going more and more towards creating connections within the Generation Z through the various languages of art. I would like to dedicate this edition to families and jurors. A piece of Giffoni is yours. Another piece belongs to those who produce films, those who make films and those who work on films. Days like these reveal the great heart of Giffoni. What we have had the chance to experience together has truly been a great emotion. Future years will come, but I am sure I will never forget the magic of this edition. Each one of you was the creator of it. This is how it works in Giffoni: we are all protagonists, no one excluded".

Afterwards, the video showing the journey of the eleven days of #Giffoni50Plus was screened. This is always a much awaited moment, especially for the jurors who, at the very instant the Festival is coming to an end, begin to feel that nostalgia for Giffoni which will accompany them until next year.  It is a small collective ritual filled with great fascination and emotion, looking forward to meeting again from 21 to 30 July 2022, when the new edition will take place.