Saturday, 31 July 2021 20:29

Jorit: “Honoured to be in Giffoni, an inspiring place of excellence”

This time his canvas was the Sala Blu in the Cittadella del Cinema. A few hundred square metres, more or less, between stage and reality. Yet Jorit, thirty-one year old Neapolitan urban artist with a pure talent recognised beyond Italy’s borders, just needed a few touches of colour of his voice to paint onto the faces of the young people from the Impact! section the portrait of a full existence. A powerful existence that originates within itself and from the desire for free expression in the world and for the world. “This is my first time at the Festival. I am happy and honoured to be here. Giffoni is a place of excellence. An inspiring place”.

Born to an Italian father and a Dutch mother, he has the urge to concern himself with the things of the world. It is an urge that burns in his heart, and in that of his childhood, in Quarto, his hometown in the suburbs of Naples. “All the outskirts of the world are abandoned. The most beautiful things are born out of hardship and marginality”, he observed. “Those who come from the outskirts have an extra edge. Thanks to my job, I am lucky enough to travel a bit everywhere. But the best thing is to come back home. To know that you have a home. And coming back to share your life. Having said that – continued Jorit – we must be infinitely grateful to Banksy. He opened up a path for artists and gave a chance to many people to make a living from this work. Thanks to him, the world began to realise that street art can also be a way of saying something. If closed within a small circle of fans, a message -a positive one- has less capacity to make an impact. If you want to change the world, and I want to do that, you have to reach as many people as possible”. And to the giffoners he said: “You have to commit. Always do what you love. Doing it is already the realisation of a dream”, the Neapolitan artist concluded. “I say this to the young people: don't waste your time being bored. It's the greatest regret you could have in your life. The world can be transformed. It's up to you. Act, dream”.


August 01, 2021

The emotions of the closing ceremony: Giffoni is family

Category: #Giffoni50Plus 31 July
The awarding of the winning films. The speeches of the Vice President of the Campania Region Bonavitacola and the Undersecretary for Culture Borgonzoni. The words of Jacopo Gubitosi: our spirit is confirmed. We are all protagonists here, no one excluded