Saturday, 31 July 2021 18:40

At Giffoni, Lin-Manuel Miranda takes centre stage again with the premiere of Vivo

Lin-Manuel Miranda opened the #Giffoni50Plus with In the Heights and closed it today with another musical comedy, Vivo, the Netflix animated film-event, to be released on August 6. Jurors were able to take a trip with the leading character, a kinkajou, from Havana to Miami, immersing themselves in the colours and flavours of those wonderful lands. During the preview screening, jurors clapped their hands and feet, literally jumped in their seats and were moved by the touching story of the elderly Andrés (dubbed by Massimo Lopez), who has lost the love of his life, but does everything he can to see her again. He's a musician and she's a singer, and they haven't seen each other in 60 years. With the help of the little monkey and the old man's granddaughter, Gabi, an adventure full of twists and turns begins. And the children immediately became attached to the story, which they followed into the cinema with laughter and tears. They held their breath during the forest scene, hummed the tunes of the soundtrack (sung in Italian by Stash) and kept the Cuban rhythm of the film moving their arms in time. They cheered loudly for Gabi: together with Vivo, she has become their new summer heroine.