Saturday, 31 July 2021 17:30

Zuchtriegel to IMPACT!: "The past offers us the possibility of escaping from the dictatorship of the present"

"When I was young, I was fascinated by the possibility of escaping from the dictatorship of the present. Encountering the past for me is an anthropological adventure. More than the painting, I am interested in imagining how people lived in these places that I pass through today". Gabriel Zuchtriegel, director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, returned to Giffoni to meet the IMPACT! students and discuss the issues of culture and art with them. "My life is a dream: at your age I would never have imagined living and working in Italy, nor having this enormous responsibility. Pompeii for an archaeologist is comparable to Hollywood for those who work in the film industry. It is the most important site in the world," he said, "but also the place where innovation is born. For 250 years, since scientific excavations began, we have been experimenting with new approaches and this is a great opportunity for growth. Managing Pompeii means managing a very fragile city, where there are more than a thousand houses, from the small one-room workshop, where a family probably lived, to the large frescoed domus with priceless evidence. I'm happy, it's a great adventure and a wonderful job, and I wish you success in finding your own way, as I did".

But how does Zuchtriegel imagine the future? "You have to plan and therefore you need a vision, but for things to work, this vision has to be shared with the whole team. My goal is to remove barriers, not only the physical ones, but also the cognitive and economic ones". His main mission will be to improve the enjoyment of an increasingly diverse public, because "when a community benefits culturally from a place, it also improves the protection of that place".

The reference is to Paestum, where he has been the architect of a great and profound transformation: "We have made the deposits accessible even if they were not in an optimal state. And we did it without musealising them, without installing panels or video stories, because our aim was to enable people to enjoy the museum behind the scenes. I think it was the right choice in terms of involvement, not only of the visitors, but also of the staff. Many had never set foot in the museum before and were able to see with their own eyes how a restorer works". In August, the thermopolium, the space where it was possible to buy ready-to-eat food, will be opened to tourists: "This is an additional element that will allow us to reduce the anthropic pressure on some vital spaces".


August 01, 2021

The emotions of the closing ceremony: Giffoni is family

Category: #Giffoni50Plus 31 July
The awarding of the winning films. The speeches of the Vice President of the Campania Region Bonavitacola and the Undersecretary for Culture Borgonzoni. The words of Jacopo Gubitosi: our spirit is confirmed. We are all protagonists here, no one excluded