Friday, 30 July 2021 20:35

Don Luigi Ciotti at #Giffoni50Plus: "Gospel and Constitution, a guide for me as a street priest"

Ninety passionate minutes. Don Luigi Ciotti builds an intense game of emotions with the young people of #Giffoni50Plus. His battles for the defence of the marginalised, of the last ones, of those who knock on the door asking for help, against mafias and abuses of all ranks to " free the freedom" come to life in the Cittadella del Cinema with a narration that vibrates like a Rostropovic's string. It is of unequalled intensity and credibility. The presence at the Festival of the founder of the Abele group and the Libera association is an embodied manifesto of the good life.

"To shine, the world needs children. Young people, however, need to find true and credible references,- he explained at the beginning of his speech-. The younger generations have both positivity and fragility. They have a vision of today, but also sensitivity for the present and the will to change direction for a better future. It is important to make them talk, not just talk to them. Giffoni has been an example of this open and reciprocal dialogue for fifty-one years". On the stage of the Sala Blu, in front of the IMPACT! section, don Luigi receives the 'Giffoni Special Award' directly from the hands of the director Claudio Gubitosi and the 'author's tile' from those of the president of the Aura foundation, Alfonsina Novellino. His voice is firm, solid as the Earth. His heart is turned upwards, to the sky. For him there is " the guidance of the Gospel as well as of the Constitution". For him, who defines himself as a 'street priest'.