Friday, 30 July 2021 18:17

Campania land of innovation, Fascione: "Great attention to startups, we are attractive for the quality of our human capital"

Can innovation be achieved in Campania, land of beauty and land of innovation? It is possible. The aim: to create conditions for employment and economic growth, an antidote to the brain drain. This is the optimism conveyed by Valeria Fascione, Campania Regional Councillor for Research, Innovation and Start-ups. She does this with the young people of Giffoni IMPACT! to whom she offers an exhaustive picture of the opportunities on the table because there are funds and programmes. And not everything is resolved in the important Pnrr. But there is previous work that councillor Fascione wishes to highlight. The relationship with Giffoni is tried and tested. The intermediary, of course, is Giffoni Innovation Hub, the place of innovators, the incubator of new energies that here in Giffoni gathers talents, enhances ideas, supports those projects that can really change the world. In the room follow the debate also the Honourable Annalaura Orrico and Professor Giorgio Ventre, Director of Apple IOS Academy at the pole of San Giovanni a Teduccio in Naples.

"The theme is the next generation," said the councillor, "and it is a very good sign because it formalises everyone's commitment to achieving two objectives: preserving our planet and giving young people a more human-scale place where there are opportunities to fulfil themselves. Young people must be able to be European and world citizens. It is in this context that some measures promoted by the Campania Region fit. I am referring to Erasmus for study and Erasmus for start-ups, with which we have given these young entrepreneurs the opportunity to test the validity of their ideas in an international context. For those who want to do business, exchange and the international dimension are fundamental".

There are certified incubators - Campania has two - and there are structures capable of supporting creativity, innovation and start-ups as well as, and better than, an incubator: "'Giffoni Innovation Hub", explained councillor Fascione, "is one of these structures. We have promoted a measure to strengthen the ecosystem with resources for those with skills and talent. For example, the project presented by Giffoni is wonderful. It is aimed at young people with the objective of developing products and services dedicated to them". Is Campania attractive in this sector? The regional councillor has no doubts: "Companies come because we have great human capital which is the real raw material of this era. Giffoni teaches us from this point of view: here we work in teams, we produce quality, there is great attention to the international dimension. What's more, we don't stop and we continuously innovate. With this approach the results always arrive".