Saturday, 31 July 2021 09:24

Vivo (Netflix) in Italian premiere at #Giffoni50Plus

#Giffoni50Plus welcomes one of the most eagerly awaited premieres, Vivo (from the 6th of August on Netflix), the animated masterpiece from Sony Pictures Animation, which showcases all the magic of love in a musical sauce thanks to the soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton and Dreaming in New York). This exciting adventure star is a tropical forest animal, the little kinkajou Vivo, which embarks on a brave journey from Havana to Miami to help his owner Andrès, with whom he plays in the square. From the past of the delightful old man emerges a very important figure, the artist Marta Sandoval, who invites him to her last concert in Florida. The man wrote a love song for her but never got the chance to deliver it. That's why his little friend decides to go on this mission with the very funny Gabi.