Thursday, 29 July 2021 21:21

Giffoni, Matilda Lutz's shout of happiness: "The most beautiful festival in the world"

Blue eyes over a bright smile. This is how Matilda Lutz introduces herself to #Giffoni50Plus: "I am happy to be here.  It's the most beautiful festival in the world. My husband, the actor Antonio Folletto, already said so. A unique place with contagious enthusiasm. The kids have an extraordinary strength. They must always dream, fight and struggle for what they believe in. There are no insuperable obstacles if you really want something. There are many reasons to be grateful. I always try not to forget that and try to give back to others, through my commitment and daily work, what I have been lucky enough to receive". After studying psychology at the Cattolica University in Milan, she went on to make films in the United States with the third episode of The Ring and a leading role in Revenge. That success fell on her just like Muccino's Summer, a film that in 2016 brought her acting talent to the Venice Film Festival after her brilliant beginnings in fashion. Now a production on Netflix.

"I have an innate passion for cinema. My dream is to work with Wes Anderson and make a film like Truffaut's films. Screenwriting and directing are fundamental in my choices. Directors have to be a bit like parents. Actors have to be managed according to their individual peculiarities. The characters I play must have characteristics that belong to me. Mine are decisions of the gut”. American father, photographer by profession. Italian mother, owner of a communications agency. The artistic vein is genetic code. Just like the desire to take flights, to grind away for kilometres, crossing horizons that become accomplished goals. Lutz is like this: “I love travelling, discovering and experiencing new countries and continents. I like to learn about cultures, languages, emotions and local customs. You never stop learning. And I have absolutely no intention of doing so".