Wednesday, 28 July 2021 20:42

Claudia Gerini to the jurors: "Diversity is wealth. It is up to you to defend your rights and those of the weakest"

"It is always exciting to come to Giffoni. Young people have great energy and a sincere hunger for new contents. For this reason, listening to young people is a duty. They have a great awareness and sense of belonging to the community".  Claudia Gerini did not hide the joy of returning to a place "where so much positive energy is released and it is nice to be here to catch these vibrations". After receiving the Giffoni Award, she spoke to the jurors in the Sala Lumiere, encouraging them to become protagonists of change: "You are not the future, you are the present. And you have a duty: people are afraid of diversity, as if it were a threat to their identity. Personally, I have always been on the side of inclusion, because I think that being different from each other is a treasure. Human beings are born free to express themselves, to love who they want, to adhere to the religion that best represents them. Cinema can be an instrument of denunciation, but it's up to you to work in this sense because you are strong and lucid, you have a multi-vision and can defend your rights and those of the weakest".