Wednesday, 28 July 2021 19:52

The young people from Cinema America in the spotlight at #Giffoni50Plus

"We come from the suburbs, where there was no place to meet. We occupied a cinema, we thought we'd stay there for two or three days but we stayed for a year and six months". This is what Giulia Flor Buraschi of the Associazione Piccolo America tells the IMPACT! young people, recalling the history of the cultural experience born in Rome, from the suburbs to the centre. "For us it was a space to be filled, also to grow, to do workshops, to study". The place-cinema became a way of showing films but also matches, opportunities of meeting. "After the eviction, we fought to avoid demolition in order to save it, definitively, with constraints imposed by the minister of cultural heritage thanks to the Lazio Region. At the same time we carried out open-air cinema initiatives, returning to the suburbs, which had brought us to Piazza San Cosimato, in the place where the Cinema America used to be". This year a new suburban initiative has started, and then " Schermi pirata".

The parallel with Giffoni is not far off: "Cinemas have a public function, they provide services in the territories", explains Carocci, "in Rome there are dozens of abandoned historical cinemas. Once we met the 'Cinema America' we discovered Giffoni and other experiences, travelling to all the independent cinemas in Italy, but perhaps the background we had in our summer activities was that of 'Un'estate romana', from my grandparents' years. We suffered the eviction, maybe if we had stayed there the experience would have died, instead we are dealing with non-profit enterprises, what we aim at, from the guys who occupied the cinema to the open public spaces. Thank you, to all of you who are here, from the bottom of my heart".