Wednesday, 28 July 2021 15:08

The Me contro Te at #Giffoni50Plus with the first images of their film Il mistero della scuola incantata

The Sala Sordi was turned into a large branch of Luì and Sofì’s Youtube channel. At #Giffoni50Plus, the two actors presented the world premiere of some images from their film Me Contro Te Il Film - Il Mistero della Scuola Incantata (Me vs. You The Movie - The Mystery of the Enchanted School), which will be released by Warner Bros. on August 18. In addition to the trailer, the two web favourites showed the jurors a video clip set in the magical school that hosts the second feature film of their saga, directed by Gianluca Leuzzi.  To round off the event, The Me contro Te surprised the giffoners by performing one of their songs with them, before taking the ritual selfie and sharing a secret greeting with the audience. The Me contro Te made the children dance, sing and scream with joy. Many giffoners asked them if there will be a third film: “We hope so, if you like it – they said – and we already can’t wait to show it to you”.