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At #Giffoni50Plus it is the day of the firefighters. Sibilia: "Their spirit of service is an example for young people"

At #Giffoni50Plus it is the day that celebrates one of Italy's excellences, a security force that Italians believe in and rely on. It is the National Fire Brigade Corps, which arrives at the Cittadella del Cinema with its national leaders. Indeed, Fabio Dattilo, head of the National Fire Brigade Corps, and Prefect Laura Lega, Head of the Fire Brigade Department, were present. With them was the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior, Carlo Sibilia. The director of Giffoni, Claudio Gubitosi, welcomed them. The day's programme was intense. The meeting with the IMPACT! Giffoners in the Sala Blu of the Multimedia Valley was interesting and full of ideas.

"We didn't give up last year and we held the Festival in presence - declared Gubitosi - This year we are three thousand and the hope is that next year we can return to the numbers we know. Giffoni cannot be done online, that's clear. But this year we wanted to expand the audience with two thousand young people connected to our hubs, which are our prefectures and embassies all over Italy and Europe. Today, the celebration of our 50th anniversary coincides with your presence. And we are very proud of this". Gubitosi continued, "There is a relationship with the National Fire Brigade Corps that is a source of national pride. It was the young people who wanted you here because your corps is the most loved by young people. With your activities you save nature and this is perfectly in line with the spirit that Giffoni is increasingly assuming in referring to themes such as environmental protection, sustainability and ecology. This is the Giffoni Green that we will soon present, a new project we are aiming at. Today is a historic day for us".

"It is an extraordinary occasion for us, really precious - said Laura Lega, Head of the Fire Brigade Department - for us it is important because listening to the young people means confronting the population and understanding what they know about many things that happen in our country. Legality is achieved above all by building a country that really wants to pay attention to prevention.  Each of us has a duty to report what is happening. The imperative must be: never mind your own business". Fabio Dattilo, Chief of the Fire Brigade, was satisfied with the initiative: "There are some words - he said - that characterize our profession: passion, study, courage, competence and then teamwork, because for us the word 'I' does not exist. There is only the word 'we'".

Carlo Sibilia’s arrival at Giffoni was a return: “This is a very brave edition – declared the Undersecretary of State –  and I would like to quote its motto, a shout of happiness, because what we need today is to find some serenity. The fact that the festival is being carried out, with all the necessary preventive measures and knowing that we are supported by science through vaccines, gives us confidence and hope for the future, allowing us to face it with optimism. That is why I’m really happy to be here”.

I am talking to the young people, who are the real protagonists here – continued Sibilia – because it is important for them to know and understand that every institution, every branch of the State is at their side. Today is a remarkable day because we have the opportunity to show you that behind what these women and men do there is a lot of hard work.  This is why the Fire Corps is trusted by 87.7% of Italians. Each of us can learn from the members of the Corps by putting ourselves at the service of others. Firefighters save us in tragedies, but they carry out a lot of other tasks, too. Some of them are engineers, and as engineers they will be able to design the future, as we will all do with the 220 billion euros brought to us by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which will be implemented precisely to build a new country. Not all of us have to be firefighters, but all of us have to be supportive of firefighters”.

Among others, the meeting was attended by the Prefect of Salerno Francesco Russo, the director of the Fire Corps in the Campania region Marco Ghimenti, member of parliament Anna Bilotti and the deputy mayor of Giffoni Antonio Andria. The event was hosted by Elena Scisci and was rounded off with an evocative concert by the Banda Nazionale del Corpo dei Vigili del Fuoco (National Band of the Italian Fire Corps), under the direction of Maestro Donato Di Martile. The concert took place in the Giardino degli Aranci, a historical location of the Giffoni Film Festival.The first piece to be performed was a tribute to Giffoni: indeed, the Band played Shostakovich’s Waltz No. 2, the soundtrack and anthem of the festival.

Pietro Rinaldi, president of Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience, did the honours: “It’s really an honour to have the top representatives of the National Fire Corps here at #Giffoni50Plus. You are Italy’s safety guard. You are a firm and solid reference point for citizens, who see in you people they can trust and a body they can always turn to in times of trouble. Today is a very good day for us. Giffoni has been celebrating Italy’s excellence for fifty years and you truly are an example of Italian excellence".


July 30, 2022

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