Monday, 26 July 2021 17:41

At Next Generation, the project SMaILE, which makes artificial intelligence available to children

Organizer, Explorer, Communicator. A survey to discover one's own "profile" when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, developed by Giffoni Innovation Hub with the Polytechnic of Turin. The SMaILE project was discussed at Giffoni Impact with the participation of the Giffoni Next Generation Dream Team during the #Giffoni50Plus edition. SMaILE is a research project on Artificial Intelligence, involving the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Turin (Matteo Baldoni and Monica Bucciarelli) and the Royal Holloway of London in which Giffoni Innovation Hub collaborates, which won the contract of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.
The aim of the project is to raise awareness of AI issues and opportunities. The idea is that digital skills can become a pedagogical tool to improve both distance and face-to-face teaching thanks to Game Theory codes and Gamification techniques. However, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are not always understood.  This is why the Turin Polytechnic, together with the Giffoni Innovation Hub, has carried out a survey which, thanks to 10 stages divided into functional categories such as robot applications, drones and much more, aims to identify the level of preparation on Artificial Intelligence issues of an audience of about 9 million young people, mostly students of Generation Z, i.e from 11 to 24 years old, who will have the task of driving forward the change that sees in the pandemic its year zero.