Monday, 26 July 2021 10:31

Jungle Cruise to be premiered at #Giffoni50Plus

Disney’s new adventure Jungle Cruise makes its debut at #Giffoni50Plus, before being released in cinemas (on July 28) and on Disney+ through Premier Access (from July 30). The story stems from the river boat attraction of the same name in the Disney parks and is the second “jump” from a park ride to the cinema after the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. The film features an unusual duo for the big screen: The Rock and Emily Blunt (who was already greatly loved by children in the new version of Mary Poppins). The story takes place in early 20th century London, from where the protagonist Lily sets off for the Amazon rainforest on a special expedition. There, she hires Frank and his crumbling boat La Quila to sail up the river, just like in the park attraction. This strong-willed woman wants to find an ancient tree with extraordinary healing powers, but her mission is far from easy and the rainforest holds many surprises. The unconventional pair will thus have to face a lot of dangers, unexpectedly taking the fate of the Earth into their own hands.