Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:43

Salvatore Esposito: "Giffoni is the home of young people, I always come here with great pleasure"

"Giffoni is the home of young people and I always come here with great pleasure". Salvatore Esposito, known to the general public as the famous Gennaro Savastano from Gomorra - The series, met the IMPACT! Giffoni supporters to talk about his new book, "Lo sciamano" (The shaman), published by Sperling & Kupfer, his work as an actor, new projects, but also esotericism, mysteries, music and his Naples. "Lo sciamano", he said, "was born as a subject for a television series. It is the story of Christian Costa, a profiler who is an expert in ritual crimes, who is faced with a serial killer who will bring him face to face with his past. The idea started in Chicago, while Esposito was on the set of the TV series Fargo: "I often write when I travel. And while I was spending my days on the 66th floor of a skyscraper, I came up with the first 150 pages out of the blue. Too many for a story, ideal for a book".

But the idea of a TV series is just around the corner, as the author suggests, ready to play the role of the protagonist: "I imagined him dressed in a long black coat, boots, tight jeans, T-shirt, a mixture of hard rock and electronic music that has a lot to do with the shamanic ritual in which he will be involved when he arrives at the scene of the crime". Esposito is preparing to say goodbye to Gennaro Savastano. "In November there will be the release of Gomorra 5. Some months ago I published a video in which I said goodbye to my character - he explained to the Giffoners - I confess that I am sorry to have to abandon a complex and complicated character to manage that has made me grow so much. Every time I had to tell his developments, something changed in me, both as a man and as an actor. From him I learned not to judge, even though he is a person who commits horrible acts. At the same time, he is a victim of the social context in which he was born, of the choices made by his parents. I have often wondered what would have happened if he had grown up in a different environment".