Sunday, 25 July 2021 19:47

Lillo at #Giffoni50Plus: “I miss the theatre audience so much”

When Lillo entered the Sala Blu, the jurors of IMPACT! at #Giffoni50Plus prepared a prank for him: instead of the usual applause, he was greeted by absolute silence. Then a shout: “Posaman”. And the comedian immediately struck a pose, in keeping with the tradition of the Amazon Prime Video show LOL. Together with his long-time partner Greg, the actor has just finished shooting the surreal comedy Gli idoli delle donne (Women’s idols), which he has also directed alongside Eros Puglielli.
During the meeting, the giffoners asked him to perform -with due distance and everyone standing strictly in their own places- a John Travolta-style dance with them. Not even in this case did he back down, and even taught the jurors a hilarious choreography. In the Sala Truffaut, Lillo decided to “draw” five jurors and use them as Posaman’s assistants for the last selfie before saying goodbye to Giffoni. He renamed the two girls Posagirls. He confessed to the attending jurors and to those connected remotely that he was relieved to be back on stage: “I miss the audience in the theatre so much that I would have been more than happy even if there had been five people instead of three hundred here in the cinema”.
The majority of giffoners asked about LOL: “The magic trick was a tribute to an Israeli comic mentalist who is so amusing to me it makes me sick. I think you didn’t have to prove you were the best, you just had to make the others laugh at all costs. I actually thought I was going to quit after 20 seconds and I was amazed at the expressions I was making on the screen, I looked like a balloon that was about to explode, I was goggling my eyes without even realising I was doing it. It was exactly the kind of surreal humour we needed during the pandemic, a light-hearted interlude”.