Saturday, 24 July 2021 20:01

Ferzan Ozpetek receives the Truffaut award #Giffoni50Plus

He is working on the TV series Le fate ignoranti, twenty years after the release of the famous film starring Stefano Accorsi and Margherita Buy. In December, he is getting ready to return to the theatre with Mine vaganti, while he will soon be filming the finale of the TV series starring Eduardo Scarpetta and Cristiana Capotondi in Turkey: "I haven't been back there for three years and I'm very excited at the idea. My country, however, has been Italy since 1976, I chose it and I love it madly, even if I don't forget my origins". Ferzan Ozpetek set #Giffoni50Plus on fire with his passion and received the Truffaut Award with great emotion: "I dedicate it to Monica Vitti and Lea Massari, two artists I would have loved to work with. And next year I hope to come back".

Among the most intimate memories shared with the jurors is that of two great artists. The first is Massimo Troisi: "I did my first job with him, as assistant director. I would have liked to direct him because he was great in everything". He also collaborated with the deceased Ennio Fantastichini. When asked about his sensitivity to gay issues, the film director replied: "In life you never know who you will love, but the important thing is to judge people from the waist up, where the brain and heart are, and not from the waist down. Our politicians have not understood that young people experience everything, including sexuality, in a more fluid way. The world will be wonderful when we no longer have gay clubs, straight clubs and elephant-loving clubs".


August 01, 2021

The emotions of the closing ceremony: Giffoni is family

Category: #Giffoni50Plus 31 July
The awarding of the winning films. The speeches of the Vice President of the Campania Region Bonavitacola and the Undersecretary for Culture Borgonzoni. The words of Jacopo Gubitosi: our spirit is confirmed. We are all protagonists here, no one excluded