Friday, 23 July 2021 20:02

Morcone and Whiting talk about immigration at #Giffoni50Plus

All too often a political game is played with people’s lives. Young people have the power to change things by reading the events of the world without the filter of prejudice, exercising the necessary critical function that encourages them to act in the sole interest of human beings”. Mario Morcone, council member for safety of the Campania region, arrived at #Giffoni50Plus with the determination of someone who does not like futile turns of phrase.
He was joined by the Deputy Representative of the UN Refugee Agency Karen Whiting, who said: “Reception policies are important but, at the same time, measures to support the integration process of migrants are equally important, even more so now. Those who arrive in a foreign country must be able to integrate into the labour market. This gives dignity to their existence and contributes to the economy of the host country”.
Whiting takes the reflection to a higher level, away from the natural manoeuvring ground of political thought. According to her words, Giffoni’s work has to take the lead: “The Festival teaches that culture and art can be transformed into work. In this way, migrants have the opportunity to understand that professional fulfilment can also be achieved in other ways. This is a precious lesson”.