Friday, 23 July 2021 18:17

Khaby Lame, the record-breaking tiktoker takes centre stage at #Giffoni50Plus

The record-breaking tiktoker Khaby Lame whipped the jurors in the Sala Truffaut into a frenzy of emotion. In order to help them overcome their shyness, he stepped down from the stage and encouraged them to find their own voice, not only at #Giffoni50Plus but in life: “Don’t listen to those who point out your limits, strive to overcome them and don’t let them influence you”. After the welcoming video dedicated to the web sensation, all the giffoners performed the famous hand gesture that made Lame a true icon, even earning him Mark Zuckerberg’s thumbs-up: “I immediately thought ‘I hope he doesn’t ban me’”, said Lame. “I already knew something about Giffoni  – he concluded – and even though the cinema is not as full as usual because of the restrictions, which is a bit of a pity, it is still great”.


August 01, 2021

The emotions of the closing ceremony: Giffoni is family

Category: #Giffoni50Plus 31 July
The awarding of the winning films. The speeches of the Vice President of the Campania Region Bonavitacola and the Undersecretary for Culture Borgonzoni. The words of Jacopo Gubitosi: our spirit is confirmed. We are all protagonists here, no one excluded