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Giffoni connects Italy under the sign of culture, Gubitosi: "Collaboration with Procida and Bergamo"

Giffoni connects Italy under the sign of culture. The message coming from this morning's meeting, strongly wanted by the director Claudio Gubitosi, is powerful. He decided to put together Procida, Italian Capital of Culture 2022 and Bergamo which, together with Brescia, will be the Capital of Culture 2023.

Giffoni launches an ideal bridge that, from South to North, keeps Italy together by imagining a path of collaboration for the next two years using the method of synergy and cohesion.  Director Gubitosi explained it well when introducing the event which was attended by Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, Raimondo Ambrosino, mayor of Procida, and Fulvio Bonavitacola, vice-president of the regional government of Campania: "For me - said Gubitosi - it is an important day because we are laying the foundations for an incredible cooperation which confirms that loners go nowhere and that culture needs to network to be successful".

The relationship between Procida and Giffoni was already established at the time of the island's candidature as Capital of Culture with the production of a video, edited by the Giffoni team, presented at the ministerial hearing: "With Procida - added Gubitosi - we networked immediately. The Region called us and we answered. On that occasion, the excellences of Campania were called to support the victory of Procida and, of course, Giffoni gave its contribution".

The link between Giffoni and Bergamo was sealed last 8th of July on the occasion of the presentation of the #Giffoni50Plus programme which took place in the Council Hall of the Lombardy Municipality led by Giorgio Gori: "This year - explained the director - we decided to interpret in a special way the word restart so much used in this period, looking at our country, at the many opportunities that our Region offers. I feel a great responsibility, especially towards the young people who give us strength every year. This year even more so because we couldn't ignore the lacerations they have had to cope with due to the loss of freedom, the denial of the feelings they have suffered".

Gubitosi gave some hints of what he has in mind as regards the collaboration that will be established with Procida and Bergamo: “We restarted from the young, as is natural for us – he explained – and, following the same path, I am now thinking of a young Procida. The same could be done for Bergamo: I imagine an invasion of young people -I like to use this very expression- who will finally be able to hug each other. Because this, too, is culture”.

Giffoni's message is loud and clear: this is what was strongly expressed by the mayor of Procida, Raimondo Ambrosino, who arrived at the Cittadella del Cinema together with Procida's council member for tourism Leonardo Costagliola and the director of Procida Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2022 (Procida Italian Capital of Culture 2022) Agostino Riitano. "This place – said the mayor – has an incredible energy and you can feel it everywhere, from the construction sites that we see here to the young people, who are absolute protagonists: this is a beautiful message of strength that does honour to Italy. Procida will ideally pass the baton to Bergamo, which will be the Italian Capital of Culture together with Brescia in 2023: “I am coming back to Giffoni – began the mayor Giorgio Gori – after twenty-five years. I am doing it out of friendship and gratitude. I felt the closeness of the festival in the most complicated moments we have gone through during this period. The decision to hold the presentation of such an important edition of Giffoni in Bergamo was a gift to me. There was a clear desire to bring a caress to a seriously affected community. Gubitosi managed to do it, as he is used to doing, bringing here young people and, along with them, a wave of positivity. Bergamo welcomed this energy because our community has an incredible urge to get back to looking ahead with confidence and because our roots are very strong”.

Campania Region underlined the meaning of such an initiative through the words of vice-president Fulvio Bonavitacola: “This is a magic moment, – he said –  this cooperation between Bergamo-Brescia and Procida describes modern Italy, which has to overcome geographical divisions. These two realities working together tell us that we can only regain our strength as a country if we are united. This also represents a new vision of Italy, a vision in which important productive realities interact with environmental treasures. We participated with enthusiasm in the victory of Procida. And we shared in Bergamo's grief at such a dramatic event with a solidarity that was never compassionate. It seemed impossible to bring these two territories together, but Giffoni succeeded in doing it. And it's a bit like what happened with the festival: it was so far ahead of its time that the world is now a bit like Giffoni”.


June 23, 2022

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