Wednesday, 21 July 2021 17:27

This is Giffoni, 51 years of Festival recounted in a huge whirlwind of emotions

The screening of This is Giffoni during the first day of the 2021 edition of the Festival is a magical game of mirrors. The documentary film celebrating half a century of Giffoni's story was shown in the cinemas of the Cittadella to an audience of jurors of all ages, in the midst of an explosion of colours resulting from the T-shirts they were wearing and a multitude of happy expressions reflecting the emotions experienced. In the shelter of soft and warmly coloured armchairs, their eyes revealed the same intense sparkle of the protagonists of a film that draws on Giffoni's impressive archive to tell the story of the Festival and its invaluable intangible heritage. Fragments of chronicles and good life.

The film starts in 1971 with the idea of a very young Claudio Gubitosi of creating a film festival for young people, and goes through a temporal chain that combines past and present times, encompassing all the editions up to the present day. This is Giffoni is a huge whirlwind of emotions.

Realised by the video production department and designed in particular by Fiorenzo Brancaccio -who took care of the authorial part and the editing-, the film exclusively and simply relies on the filter of reality, in order to develop a genuine screenplay that shines on its own. The documentary film This is Giffoni was made under the guidance of the creative director Luca Apolito and supervised by the head of the video production department Gianvincenzo Nastasi. In order to select the clips with the greatest narrative meaning and inner vibration, they watched thousands of videos, spending hundreds of hours on the computer.