Thursday, 29 July 2021 08:58

Films in competition on July 29th

Not feeling accepted, travel and freedom the prevailing themes of the eighth day of the Festival. Sala Truffaut, 10am for the Generator +16 category, THE FAM (Switzerland 2021) directed by Fred Baillif: A group of teenage girls live in a group home and amidst clashes and teenage love affairs, a story develops about the problems of young people, particularly "problem" boys. An accident changes their whole perspective. Sala Alberto Sordi, 10 am and repeated at 2.30 pm for Elements +10, NIGHT FOREST (Germany 2021) directed by André Hörmann: The forest of the Swabian Alps, the freedom of two youngsters and the desire to live a thousand adventures and complicated challenges. Sala Lumìere at 10 a.m. and again at 2.30 p.m., Elements +6 will see the film DREAMS ARE LIKE WILD TIGER (Germany 2021) directed by Lars Motag: Ranji is a boy dreamer. He wants to become a Bollywood star and attends a casting call in Mumbai. But, in order to be chosen, he has to work on his audition, believing strongly in himself. At 2.30 p.m. in Sala Truffaut, the feature film dedicated to Generators +13, BULADÒ (Caribbean 2020) directed by Eché Janga, will be presented: a mystical film in which the family relationships of a grandfather, a father and a granddaughter intertwine. In the Sala Galileo for the Gex Docs, the film/documentary FIRST WE EAT (Canada 2020) directed by Suzanne Crocker will be screened: A true social experiment starring a family living just below the Arctic Circle. With the supermarket banned and the temperatures so cold in that area, how will the family members react? For Elements +3, a series of short films will be screened in the Sala Alberto Sordi: I'LL BE YOUR SIDE (South Korea 2021) directed by Lee Ju-I: Doong-yi was born different from her peers. For this reason, she is always trying to hide and does not feel accepted. She often changes schools until her new classmates discover her secret and react in a way she did not expect. Juan Viento (Argentina 2020) directed by Carlos Farina: Juan takes care of the park and hates the wind because it brings with it dust and leaves. But the wind has a surprise in store for him. KIKI THE FEATHER (France 2020) directed by Julie Rembauville: Kiki suffers from her life in a cage. One day she manages to escape and realises that life in freedom is not only as beautiful as she expected, but also complicated. KIKO AND THE ANIMALS (France 2020) directed by Yawen Zheng: Kiko likes to mistreat animals because he is unaware that they too have emotions and deserve respect. Will he understand this sooner or later? LITTLE ROOMMATE (Switzerland 2021) directed by Simon Ott, Fabian Schaeublin and Hannes Oehen: Passion is everything! Even for a mouse who loves music. PENGUIN AND THE WHALE (Argentina 2020) directed by Ezequiel Torres and Pablo R. Roldán: A whale wants to help his penguin friend who wants to look for a new glacier so he can live comfortably. But global warming undermines the glaciers and melts them one by one. THE PRINCESS AND THE BANDIT (Russia 2020) directed by Mikhail Aldashin and Mariya Sosnina: An unrequited love between a princess and a bandit. He aims only at his treasures leaving the princess loveless. THE SCARIEST ONE (Russia 2020) directed by Pavel Nikiforov: Even the most different animals can become friends: a bird and a buffalo become irreplaceable for each other. TREASURE (France 2020) directed by Alexandre Manzanares, Guillaume Cosenza, Philipp Merten and Silvan Moutte-Roulet: A love story at the bottom of the sea is disturbed by two explorers in search of a sunken treasure. In the Lumìere Room at 7.30 pm, for Generator +18 children, the film COWBOYS (USA 2020) directed by Anna Kerrigan: the story of a father, Troy, who rebels against his ex-wife's refusal to accept Joe, their trans son. A real trauma for Joe, who together with his father flee to the Montana desert against the wishes of his ex-wife Sally. Sally decides to denounce the man and has him sought out by the police.