Sunday, 25 July 2021 09:03

Films in competition on July 25th

Preconceptions to fight, the desire to emerge and change one's life for the better: these are the main themes of the fifth day of the Festival.
Sala Truffaut, 10 a.m., appointment reserved for the young people of the Generator +13 section with SNOTTY BOY (Austria, Germany 2021) directed by Santiago López Jover and Marcus H. Rosenmüller: old-fashioned ideas, ultra-Catholic attitudes that cling to the "Brat", son of an innkeeper who, thanks to his comic strip, manages to highlight the ridiculous and respectable attitude of Siegheilkirchen. Meanwhile, at the same time (10 am) and repeated at 2.30 pm in the Sala Alberto Sordi, the children of Elements +10 will watch the film THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY OF MARGOT & MARGUERITE (France 2020) directed by Pierre Corè: A journey that lasts 70 years! Margot and Marguerite are physically identical and their lives are the same except for the fact that they are separated by 70 years of history. Thanks to a magic trunk, the two girls manage to live their era.
At 2.30 p.m., again in Sala Truffaut, Generators +16 will watch STOP-ZEMLIA (Ukraine 2021) directed by Kateryna Gornostai, followed by a post-film debate: Masha, a shy and non-conformist high school student, has two close friends, Yana and Senia, who fully understand what Masha is feeling in her most turbulent pre-graduate period. Meanwhile, Masha faces an unexpected love that will force her to question herself. Sala Galileo at 2.45pm the Gex Doc students will watch ON THESE GROUNDS (USA 2021) directed by Garrett Zevgetis: A documentary/feature film that sees the geographer Janae Davis tackle the theme of race, former slaves of African origin and the repercussions that still generate violence today. At the Sala Lumìere, after the 7.30 pm event by Giffoni Entertainment, the young people of Generator +18 will see the film COUSINS (New Zealand 2021) directed by Briar Grace-Smith and Ainsley Gardiner: Three cousins live together the disappearance of their cousin and a series of vicissitudes that make them more and more united. When it all seems to be pointless, a chance encounter changes their perspectives on life.