Thursday, 22 July 2021 09:03

Films in competition on July 22nd

Dreaming of a different life and living special adventures: these are the main themes of the second day of the Festival. It starts at 10 am at Sala Truffaut with a screening for the children of the Generator +13 section. The film is THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF WOLFBOY (USA 2020) and is directed by Martin Frejcí: The life of a wolf boy is tough! Paul suffers from a condition known as congenital hypertrichosis that makes it impossible for him to live a "normal life". But on his 13th birthday an unexpected gift changes his life. Also at 10 a.m., then repeated at 2.30 p.m., in the Sala Alberto Sordi, MY VERY OWN CIRCUS (Canada 2020) directed by Miryam Bouchard will be shown to the children of the Elements +10 section: Laura has her destiny decided: she will have to follow the family tradition of becoming a professional circus performer. A teacher, however, tells her that she has great potential and that should study to become someone. Will Bill, the free-spirited father bound to the family profession, accept this?
At 10 am, then repeated at 2.30 pm Sala Lumìere, for the youngest Elements +6, JIM BUTTON AND THE WILD 13 (Germany 2020) directed by Dennis Gansel: Machinist Lukas and Jim Button continue their fantastic adventures. A dragon defeated last time is nothing compared to the pirates "The Wild 13" who want revenge. Meanwhile, Jim wants to know the truth about his origins and he does so with his adventurous friends. For the Generator +16 section at 14,30 Truffaut Hall BROTHER'S KEEPER (Romania,Turkey 2021) directed by Ferit Karahan: We are in Eastern Anatolia, the story of two friends Ysuf and Memo, who try to overcome the obstacles imposed by adults, in a difficult and complicated context for two young people who are looking for freedom. Sala Galileo, for the Gex Doc section, at 2.45 p.m. GABI - BETWEEN AGES 8 AND 13 (Norway, Sweden 2021) directed by Engeli Broberg: A five-year journey of change, to be watched in one go. Little Gabi, 8 years old, needs to feel herself, even if it means wearing boys' clothes and fighting against society's preconceptions.