Thursday, 15 April 2021 12:20

Giffoni 2021: A shout of happiness

From 21 to 31 July the fiftyfirst edition with the activities for the fftieth
150 films, 9 premiers, 150 talent and guests
The registration work for 5000 girls  and boys and youth from 90 Italian cities and 20 countries who will attend the event physically
50 hubs in Italy and 20 from abroad for 3000 jurors connected online
200 youth from Italy for the new section Giffoni IMPACT!
VivoGiffoni with ten big music events in the arena
Work to adapt and restructure the theatres for the activities is under way for the celebration of the fiftieth, to be inaugurated on 11 June in the brand new Sala Truffaut
on 24 June “Giffoni Day”
in 10 Italian cities
From 11 to 13 June, 200 festival directors will meet in Giffoni to launch a new collaboration and cooperation
Work on the Museo “Testimoni del Tempo” and on the arena has also started
Health plan in place to guarantee safety to all participants

Good news at the home of the jurors. The request to confirm their participation in #Giffoni50Plus is coming to 5000 girls and boys, from Italy and abroad. A cry of happiness in a year where rules and regulations still need to be respected in order to then be able to fly, in 2022, on the wings of freedom.
"#Giffoni50Plus starts its path towards normality, the resumption of activities and remins close to those who have suffered enormous emotional and psychological distress - declares the founder and director Claudio Gubitosi - Giffoni is here and is prepping a wonderful edition, even if still under protection. The giffoni world has been waiting for this news since last year. We are here and we are ready for a program designed to further promote values, well-being and the regaining of identities".

A powerful organizational plan will ensure maximum tranquility and safety: from 21st to 31st July, 5000 girls and boys from 90 Italian cities and 20 nations will be able to recapture the spaces, environments, rooms that have marked their life and presence in Giffoni. Although not yet able to share their participation with the thousands of families who have adopted them for years, Giffoni is willing to make an effort that has never been realized and ensures that many will receive complete hospitality during the twelve days of the event. Last year's experience with many jurors living the festival remotely, both in Italy and abroad, was a success. Following numerous requests, this year that portion has indeed been reconfirmed  but  also increased. There will be no fewer than 50 hubs in Italy and 20 in as many countries, for over 3000 remote jurors.
The international kids will come from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Albania, Romania, North Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Tunisia, Qatar, Japan, Canada.
The number of participating jurors will depend on the availability that the health authorities and the protocols in force will establish. To ensure maximum participation in safety, two tensile structures for another 1400 seats will be added to the permanent rooms that have an availability of 1700 seats. Trust and hope are not lacking.

150 films
will be shown in the various sections, 9 major events dedicated to previews. No less than 150 talents and guests will meet the children in the various theatres, with debate and performance activities.
The masterclasses have all been concentrated in a single new section: Giffoni IMPACT!, reserved for 200 young Italians aged 18 to 28 who will have the opportunity to meet examples and experiences of entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, men and women of science, arts, entertainment, culture, institutions and ordinary people as models that can represent an inestimable value for children.
One of the sections most followed by the Giffoni audience and all jurors has been confirmed: VivoGiffoni. The great music arena will be revived in the large space of Piazza Fratelli Lumiere and will see 25 of the best artists of the moment. From 10 pm to midnight, respecting the health rules, we will return to listen and share live music as a common joy.
Before the start date of the festival, Giffoni will present its program to the world from the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Paestum and with activities planned in the Archaeological Museum of Pontecagnano.

The program looks carefully at the revitalization and support of the local tourism system. Hotels, restaurants and B & Bs are experiencing a severe crisis and many are at risk of not opening anymore. Giffoni must contribute to the recovery by using the accommodation facilities from Positano to Cilento, including the important network of bed and breakfasts. A proximity tourism to give new life to the many restaurants in the Giffoni and Picentini area.

Meanwhile, work has begun on the adaptation and renovation of the cinemas of the Citadel of Cinema and the Multimedia Valley, thanks to a special project supported by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini for the fifty-year anniversary celebrations of Giffoni. The inauguration of the historic theatre dedicated to François Truffaut is scheduled on 11 June, adapted with all the new audio-video technologies, new armchairs and structural improvements.
Work has also begun in the Multimedia Valley for the construction of the "Witnesses of Time" Museum, an additional body of the existing project that includes museum and multimedia spaces and a new multipurpose hall with 500 seats.
Also in the Multimedia Valley area, the start of work on a 4300-seat arena for major events is also near.

Some of the activities planned for the #Giffoni50Plus celebrations are also starting to materialize. The first major event is scheduled on June 24th. In 10 Italian cities, at the same time, students, local authorities and families will be able to learn and experience the history of this idea with a 105-minute docu-film, produced and created by the Giffoni Video Factory.
The cities selected for this first appointment are: Bari, Benevento, Bergamo, Ferrara, Palermo, Cittanova (Reggio Calabria), Montescaglioso (Matera), San Donà di Piave (Venice), Terranova di Pollino (Potenza) and Tonara (Nuoro).
From 11 to 13 June, 200 directors of Italian film festivals will meet in Giffoni to start a new cooperation and collaboration. It is the first time that such a large number of cultural operators take part in a sort of "general states" to get to know each other, to present the models and projects of their activities with a perspective of cooperation and development. Giffoni wants to be alongside, above all, small and medium-sized Italian events that need to be supported and promoted. During the July festival, twenty directors with groups of children and the mayors of their respective municipalities will be guests of the festival. It will be an opportunity to encourage the first citizens to invest in their local realities and support the promotion of cinema and the territory. Giffoni thus becomes a virtuous example.
Another activity confirmed for July is the campus dedicated to 130 boys and girls of the "Sixteen ways of saying hello" project, an initiative selected by the social enterprise Con i Bambini as part of the Fund for the contrast of juvenile educational povertỳ, conceived and created by the Giffoni Experience. The youth will come from Calabria, Basilicata, Sardinia, Campania and Veneto.