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50 films in competition for the Elements jury: Here's the official selection of #Giffoni50 - Winter Edition

The freedom to grow up and follow one's own path, the value of friendship, the courage to face small and large fears, respect for diversity and also the great contemporary issues, dreams and intergenerational conflicts: these are some of the main themes of the productions in competition at the Winter Edition from Italy and all over Europe, as well as from the United States, Iran, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Israel. 1200 Elements, aged 3 to 12, in the company of their parents, will enter the digital cinemas of #Giffoni50 to experience the excitement of our films from home. The jurors will be offered a selection of feature films and short films, both animated and fictional, on which they can then discuss with their peers and choose their favorite. There is also space for the over 400 jurors of the Gex Doc and Parental Experience: while the first section is entirely made up of documentaries, the second aims to present short films and online meetings to parents.

15 shorts proposed to the youngest jurors of the festival
, it is up to them to decide who will win the Gryphon Award for best short movie. The competition starts with the Italians IOU by Luca Pieri Pilotti and ABOVE by Marco Savini, two stories that share the curiosity and the desire for discovery. A silent snowy landscape is the backdrop to Milen Vitanov's MISHOU (Germany / Bulgaria). The tranquility is interrupted by the landing of a helicopter packed with tourists. A yellow submarine dives into the waves in Ivana Guljašević Kuman's KNOCK KNOCK (Croatia), several sea creatures greet the little girl at the helm. Team play is the basis of OVERBOARD! (Czech Republic / Slovak Republic) by Barbora Valecká and Filip Poš¡ivač. Chameleon and Kiwi are different: when a thunderstorm sweeps their home away, they'll have to help each other. We enter a tailor's shop with THE ATELIER (France) by Bianca Mansani and discover what happens when a little girl stops her grandmother's work. Summer has finally arrived in LITTLE GRAY WOLFY. SUMMER PARTY (Norway) by Natalia Malykhina and Lupetto Grigio's birthday is approaching. Will the forest animals be able to throw him a party? Time of evil and witches with THE WITCH & THE BABY (Russia) by Evgenia Golubeva. In Marina Moshkova's BLANKET (Russia) we meet a polar bear struggling with an unexpected visitor. A small caterpillar is captured in Noel Clarke's BUTTERFLY (UK): he will have to face the most incredible obstacles to get home. The Christmas atmosphere is strong in THE TOMTEN AND THE FOX (Norway) by Yaprak Morali and Are Austnes: a gnome decides to share his porridge with a fox as long as heleaves the chickens alone. Also in Michael Soluyanov's MICE XMAS (Russia) the magic of the holidays is present: the mouse dad wants to give a ring to his partner but doesn't have enough money, will he be able to make his wish come true? WITH ME, IN MONSTER? (Spain) by Belinda Bonan, on the other hand, Nono discovers how similar they are to inhabitants of distant planets. The protagonist of A PET (Bulgaria) by Vera Doneva is looking for a four-legged friend. The ATHLETICUS:SLED (France) by Nicolas Deveaux closes: end of the day for the managers of the bobsleigh track it's time to party.

Friendship, family, magic and the first challenges that come with growing up: the films chosen for the Elements +6 start from here. The selection opens with JACKIE AND OOPJEN (Netherlands) by Annemarie van de Mond: a 12-year-old has made the museum her second home. As Jackie wanders the halls, Oopjen Coppit, the character from Rembrandt's famous painting, suddenly appears in front of her. Together they will overcome difficult tests and discover the power of friendship. We continue with THE ELFKINS - BAKING A DIFFERENCE (Germany) by Ute von Münchow-Pohl, distributed in Italy by Imago Company. For the director it is a return to Giffoni, three films presented in the Elements +3 section: LAURA'S STAR AND THE DREAMMONSTER in 2012, RAVEN THE LITTLE RASCAL - THE BIG RACE in 2015 and RABBIT SCHOOL - GUARDIANS OF THE GOLDEN EGG in 2017. For more than 200 years the Elfkins have lived underground, avoiding any contact with humans. But one day Helvi decides to come out and meet her fate. And again SISTERS: THE SUMMER WE FOUND OUR SUPERPOWERS (Norway) by Silje Salomonsen and Arild Østin Ommundsen. Vega, together with her little sister Billie, will have to overcome all fears and save her father who has fallen into a mountain crevasse. With the last film in the competition, TRIPLE TROUBLE by Marta Karwowska (Poland), we are on the trail of an art thief with Julka and Olek.
Here too there is no shortage of short films: just think of the Italian OSSIGENO by Beatrice Sancinelli; Keika Lee's ODD DOG (United States); BLACK & WHITE (Switzerland) by Jesús Pérez and Gerd Gockell; THIS SIDE, OTHER SIDE (Iran) by Lida Fazli; CRACKS IN THE PAVEMENT (Argentina) by Nicolas Conte; TIDY TOWN (Holland) by Dana Alink and UMBRELLAS (France) by Jose Prats and Alvaro Robles.

Coming-up stories capable of moving and making people reflect: the films dedicated to Elements +10 will not disappoint expectations. It starts with the only Italian feature film in competition, GLASSBOY (Italy) by Samuele Rossi, distributed by Solaria Film in collaboration with Minerva Pictures. In the cast an unprecedented Loretta Goggi in the role of the apprehensive grandmother, among others also Giorgia Wurth and Giorgio Colangeli. Pino cannot leave the house, nor stay with his peers because his health does not allow him to. Until the day when the 11-year-old decides to challenge all his frailties to join the Snerd, a group of friends who, ride fast bikes and whiz through the streets of the town. Friendship is also at the center of THE CLUB OF UGLY CHILDREN (Holland) by Jonathan Elbers, distributed in Italy by Rai Cinema. In a city where looks are everything, an evil president decides to segregate all the children that do not live up to expectations. Paul will soon realize the diabolical plan and, together with Sara, will prove that you don't need to be beautiful to become a hero. In MY HERO ALEXIS (Chile) by Alejandro Fernández Almendras we see Inter player Alexis Sanchez. The unexpected friendship between Sanchez and Tito will teach both of them something. Change of scene with SUMMER REBELS (Germany / Slovakia) by Martina Saková: summer for a child is not always child's play.
Six short films in competition: LE PICCOLE COSE (Italy) by Emiliano Galigani; CINEMA REX (Israel) by Mayan Engelman and Eliran Peled; ME, MY GERMS AND JAMES (UK) by Anastasiia Vorotniuk; UMBRELLA (Brazil) by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece; REPLACEMENT (Iran) by Mojtaba Tahal and Jalal Mahdavi and DON'T BE A PUSSY (Czech Republic) by Jakub Jirásek.       

The films chosen for Gex Doc are based on true stories, narrated in documentary form. It starts with GILEAD'S PROTOCOL (Israel) by Dvorit Shargal, created to help the parents, friends and relatives of those suffering from devastating diseases such as cancer. It is the struggle of the very young Gilead Kahn, who died at the age of 15: a work that is not intended to be a commemorative act but a set of advice and reflections for those who live in the same situation. Director Ümit Köreken who, in 2016, proposed BLUE BICYCLE in Elements +10 is not new to Giffoni's audience. This time, together with Nursen Çetin Köreken, he presents MUHAMMED ALI (Germany / Turkey). The story of a disabled boy who dreams of being able to walk, unfortunately the surgery will not be decisive but the approach to swimming will open new paths. Another moving glimpse of reality is offered by Behrouz Nouranipour's CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (Iran): a child soldier, thirsty for heroin, was involved in more than fifty ISIS wars and conflicts. Balanche is among the first to tell about one of the most terrifying wars in the world. The section closes with the director who won an Emmy Award for the film MEDORA, Davy Rothbart, brings  17 BLOCKS (United States) to Giffoni. In 1999, nine-year-old Emmanuel Sanford-Durant and his family began filming their life in America's most dangerous neighborhood, just 17 blocks from the United States Capitol building. Over two decades, the documentary tells the crisis of a nation through the raw and personal story of a family.

For Giffoni, families are the most precious asset: Parental Experience is aimed precisely at parents with nine competing shorts rangng from drama to comedy, to give the audience the opportunity not only to reflect but also to smile at a time when being a parent can be particularly difficult. We start with the Italians THE WHITE WALL (Italy) by Andrea Brusa and Marco Scotuzzi, in which a principal and a teacher protect students from an invisible predator. In THE PLAY (Italy) by Alessandro Haber, a man and a girl are seated side by side. The tones of the conversation turn into something tragically different, when the girl tells of a strange "game of happiness" that "he" made her play. We are in Naples with Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo's FAME (Italy), where a girl will witness her father's fate. The superpowers of Donna Saetta are the protagonists of THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTENING STRIKES (Italy) by Daniele Lince, but even magic is not enough in everyday life. The Last Italian title is BUONGIORNISSIMO! (Italy) by Leopoldo Medugno, who tells us about the "punitive expedition" of some parents against a teacher, guilty of having canceled the class trip. And again in Vasil Bogdanov's UNDER PRESSURE (Bulgaria), we see a man running home because he left a tap running. Along the way, a domino effect is triggered that leads the entire city to flood. We meet REC in JUST FOR THE RECORD (Serbia) by Vojin Vasovic, the little robot will try to make friends with a little bird before its battery goes out. NESTLING (Russia) by Marat Valerievich Narimanov is also a story of friendship, featuring a boy, a lonely old man and a helpless bird. The last short in competition is MATILDA AND THE SPARE HEAD (Lithuania) by Ignas Meilūnas. A girl wants to become the smartest person in the world, when all she has learned is no longer in her head, her mother buys a spare. Unfortunately, the trick turns out to be a disaster in the long run and danger is around the corner.


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