Friday, 04 December 2020 11:37

Between frailty and courage with GLASSBOY on December 26 in the #Giffoni50 Winter Edition digital cinema

The story of a boy who will be asked to overcome his fears in competition in the Elements +10 section

A young movie about freedom, adventure and friendship: GLASSBOY, directed by director and screenwriter Samuele Rossi and freely inspired by the Andersen Prize-winning novel "The Glass Child" by Fabrizio Silei, is among the works in competition in #Giffoni50 - Winter Edition. On Saturday 26 December, with an online screening reserved for the Elements +10 jury, the film will be presented as an Italian premiere to the jurors in the virtual cinema designed for this totally digital edition. There will be no lack of interaction: at the end of the film, in fact, the Giffoni facilitators will guide the jurors in an engaging live Q&A. The jurors, therefore, have the task of evaluating and voting for the only Italian feature film in competition for the Winter Edition.
Distributed by Solaria Film in collaboration with Minerva Pictures, GLASSBOY explores a genre, the one for children, reworking the imagery of the great cinema cult movies in a contemporary sense.
The story revolves around Pino, an 11-year-old child like many others who, unlike his peers, has always lived isolated from everyone. Due to a hereditary disease that puts his life at risk, he is confined to his large villa where he lives under a glass dome, far from the world that he can only observe through a window. But despite his imagination and the colorful funfair of his room, Pino can only dream of living a life like the other boys and joining the Snerd, a ramshackle group of friends riding their fast bikes through the streets of the town. Everything changes after the unexpected encounter with the charismatic Mavi, the leader of the group, who puts him to the test by offering him the chance to be part of the Snerd and help them compete with the opposing Band. Animated by courage and an unbridled desire for adventure and freedom, the boy embarks on the path to emancipation, testing his frailties and the rigid rules of Nonna Helena (Loretta Goggi), intent on asserting her beliefs about her grandson’s destiny, and his parents (Giorgia Wurth and David Paryla), overprotective and inevitably subjected to the impositions of the despotic grandmother. There will be trouble but with the help of his new friends, Mavi, Ciccio, Mei and Domenico, he will take on his personal battle to prove that he too deserves a life like the other boys.
The cast includes an unprecedented Loretta Goggi as the apprehensive and despotic grandmother, Giorgia Wurth, Massimo De Lorenzo, Giorgio Colangeli, David Paryla and Pascal Ulli, and the very young Andrea Arru as the protagonist. At his side the Snerd, or the rookies Rosa Barbolini (Mavi), Stefano Trapuzzano (Ciccio), Gabriel Mannozzi De Cristofaro (Domenico), Mia Pomelari (Mei Ming) and Luca Cagnetta (Gianni), at the head of the rival gang, with the bullies Emanuele De Paolis and Stefano Di Via.