Tuesday, 01 December 2020 15:22

#Giffoni50 Winter Edition: in December a digital experience to live the magic of Christmas together

The fourth leg of the festival will start from Saturday 12th with masterclasses and special online events; films in competition for the Elements; shows; concerts and talent meetings aimed at children and families

Giffoni does not stop. And, as promised, will remain alongside their community also during the Christmas holidays. The Winter Edition, mainly dedicated to Elements +3, +6 and + 10, will offer a calendar of events designed for the whole family, but also for children and young adults. Masterclasses and special events, in digital experience, will be organized starting from Saturday 12 December. It will be a new, completely digital edition, but none the less fascinating.
"We present an absolute novelty: #Giffoni50 Winter Edition - explains Jacopo Gubitosi, Managing Director of Giffoni - In recent months we have been confronted with our frailties, our fears, we were not prepared but we did not lose heart. . We asked ourselves how and what to do to ignite hope, because we need to act today and not when the emergency is over. After being the first in Italy to restart in August, with an international festival in attendance, once again we have sided with our community. We weren't going to leave our giffoners alone at Christmas. We have therefore chosen to look at this period, so exceptional and complicated, as a great opportunity, with an acceleration that we must live with strength and determination".
There are many appointments scheduled in the fourth leg of the festival: starting with the days dedicated to the 50 works, including feature films and short films, in competition in the Elements +3, +6 and +10 sections. Thousands of jurors, connected from all over Italy, will meet in many virtual cinemas and, at the end of the screening, they will be able to meet the directors in live streaming from different countries of the world. A way to cancel the distances and allow jurors to tell their impressions, asking questions and interacting in first person. An important moment will also be that of Parental Experience - Gex Doc, the section dedicated to parents and adults that has been able to conquer viewers with its films: true stories told in the form of a documentary, centered on ever-current themes. Topics that give new and interesting food for thought, helping to enrich knowledge and offering families a kaleidoscope of activities to experience at home, in total safety.
Interactive shows of magic and comedy and two “fairytale” moments are also ready for the online audience. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Gianni Rodari, in fact, talent of cinema and television and the grandparents of the children will be able to recreate, even at a distance, the magic of Christmas by interpreting the works of the great writer and more.
There will be surprises: “At the theater with mom and dad” wants to give Elements and their parents the opportunity to experience the magic of the stage from home and interact with the artists at the end of the show. Also highly anticipated, three live music performances with exclusive access for the jurors. In the coming days the names of the singers who will be performing at these exciting digital events will be announced. Moreover, the masterclasses that will deal with current issues: from environmental sustainability to legality, passing through innovation and virtual reality, without ever forgetting cinema, with the most beloved performers called to interact with the young creatives of the Giffoni factory and with the online audience.
In recent months, the entire festival team has worked hard to maximize the interaction of each meeting, trying to safeguard the passion, creativity and joy that distinguish the Giffoni universe. Although the initiatives in December are mostly dedicated to jurors who applied for registration at the beginning of 2020, there will be opportunities for lightheartedness and fun open to all: by connecting to www.giffonilive.it and to the official social accounts it will be possible to follow for free live shows, intervene and comment on live shows. A commitment that has the ambitious goal of offering opportunities for discussion, entertainment and growth to children, their parents and all those who want to participate in the Winter Edition.