Saturday, 29 August 2020 20:46

Vincenzo De Luca: “Giffoni is a testimony of humanity”

Cittadella del Cinema first, the greeting to the Dream Team of Innovation Hub next, and yet the meeting with the kids of Giffoni Impact at Sala Blu: The President of the Region Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, concluded the second section of Giffoni 50 dedicated to the Generators +13. The director Claudio Gubitosi does the honours. He was joined by Mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana, Antonio Giuliano and the President of Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience, Pietro Rinaldi.. “We did not do an act of courage - the director Gubitosi declared - but one of determination. We have shown how, by following the rules, there is no need to stop”.

My congratulations - President De Luca said - to the ones who created this festival, this cultural event, an event where young people can meet, an event of humanity. The fifty year milestone makes Giffoni a part of history because existing for half a century means having the ability to convey contents. For this reason, it is mandatory to congratulate Claudio Gubitosi, his family and his team. In this moment you had the ability to organise the Festival in total safety and with rigorous rules, setting up the first great cultural event in our country”. Giffoni, during the Covid-19 pandemic, is a Campanian record: “It has been an act of determination as Gubitosi said - the President added - an act of courage, an evidence of rigour and efficiency”.

Not only a Festival, President De Luca said: “Giffoni is a meeting place, it testimonies permanent human values - he added - It is a place that fights every form of racism, violence, discrimination, any barreer among people. Here you can understand how the future has to be, if one does not want to take the road for a new barbarism. Because the future must cultivate human values, otherwise it is meaningless. The future has already begun here - the President concluded - also because we are pursuing a specific objective: making peace with the environment. We can turn the environment into an opportunity to grow and create new jobs. There will be the seat of the environmental centre for the waste cycle. It will be another model of development”.