Saturday, 29 August 2020 18:51

Sergio Castellitto at #Giffoni50: “Thank you, guys, the time spent with you is valuable”

The cycle of Masterclasses of #Giffoni50 ends with great success in the presence of Sergio Castellitto, who met the kids after the screening of the film Fortunataand worked with the actors Jasmine Trinca and Stefano Accorsi.

. The multi-award winner Roman actor and director, awarded with #Giffoni50 Award, thanked the Festival for the meeting: “For an artist - he said - speaking about themselves and their job is valuable, it allows me to historicise my life, to see it from two metres distance and, while I’m narrating it to you, I’m re-reading a story as well and I grow thanks to your questions”.

Castellitto is currently working on the off-limits set of Natale in casa Cupiello (on Rai Uno in autumn), he could not say anything about the project aside from the fact that it is an ongoing one, but he did talk about Il cattivo poeta, a film in which he plays the role of the Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio and that will be released on November 5th: “In a time when we believe we are modern we are hardly contemporary, reading classic novels is dutiful. These myths are incredibly modern. What’s more useful than poetry? During the period of total closure - that I refuse to call lockdown - to those who asked my advice about what to do I recommend reading a poem a day. Ungaretti, Pascoli, Saba… in short, the ones you could not stand at school, rediscover them. Because, just like in cinema , you can plunge into poetry".

A piece of advice to the future filmmakers? “Go beyond the truth: cinema is artificial but, if well-constructed, can seem real. Then completing it is up to the sensitivity of each individual that goes to watch the film. And I - Castellitto concluded - only produce things I would like to watch as a spectator”.


August 29, 2020

Vincenzo De Luca: “Giffoni is a testimony of humanity”

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