Saturday, 29 August 2020 16:16

Food, pain and loneliness: the rebirth of the Hangry Butterflies through feelings and narration

Presented by Blindspot and Rai Cinema, Hangry Butterflies is a work dealing with eating disorders: the documentary, screened both for the gifforens in Giffoni and the ones from the hubs, is directed by the director Maruska Albertazzi, who was present during the screening together with the actresses Agnese De Lia and Marta Imperiani.

I chose an English title - the director says - to make the Instagram community recognisable, I liked the idea of rebirth. This work is for you guys, it is necessary to watch it first in order to understand the problem”.

The director Albertazzi talks about the chance of healing from an eating disorder “thanks to friendship and personal relations. After years of hardships and therapy, I have a good relationship with food now, my weight is ideal and I feel good”.

The protagonists, on the other hand, explained that “We wanted to tell our story, hoping it could help somebody”. And they remind the giffoners that “Besides the body there is more, being judged for a flaw is not nice. Let’s learn to go further”.


August 29, 2020

Vincenzo De Luca: “Giffoni is a testimony of humanity”

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