Sunday, 23 August 2020 11:45

Serena Rossi is in love with Giffoni: “An experience that charges you with emotions for life”

Serena Rossi took part in #Giffoni50, and she is delighted about the Festival: “I’m in love with you all, this is one of those experiences that you carry inside you and charges you with emotions for life - she told the Generators+18 - you give me enthusiasm, magic, all those things that adults sometimes forget”. The actress dubs the shy and sweet Anna in the Italian version of the Walt Disney animated film Frozen: “An incredibly emotional journey, conveying emotions only through your voice is much harder - she added - it has been difficult but extremely natural. The first time we saw the film with Enrico Brignano and Serena Autieri, which also dubs some characters in the Italian version, we got goosebumps”.

She confessed to the jurors: “I don’t regret anything, everything was useful to me in order to be the Serena you’re seeing here today: even the less happy choices that were not so successful, even the doors slammed in my face. It’s all good experience, everything happens for a reason. I have never studied singing or acting, I learnt all I know by observing: I like scanning and observing also those who have nothing to teach me”. And, just before receiving the Giffoni Award: “You make me cry, you make me fly”.