Sunday, 23 August 2020 11:39

Priante (UNWTO) at Giffoni Impact: “Italy is wonderful but we don’t deserve credit for it”

I am here because this is where we will be launching a wonderful initiative next year”. Alessandra Priante, Director of the Regional Department for Europe at World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), did not hide her enthusiasm from the young people of Giffoni Impact. The “legendary Alessandra”, the first Italian woman to lead the Commission of the UN agency, that is the leading international organization in the field of tourism, was introduced by the director Claudio Gubitosi: “Today we named you a giffoner, you are part of the family now”. And she felt at home.

Since November she is in charge of this tourism-related role, a complex one in these times of pandemic: “This moment has been really affecting us and we can’t even quantify its impact on us - she claimed - What really matters during the impact is holding a straight course. Tourism is a science, it is made up of numbers, strategies, profit. What makes it special, though, is the fact that it is made up of people. Its essential part is the fact that there is an offer, a welcoming territory. We can take a step forward when sustainability and responsible behaviours both from tourists and the ones who host them will be a rule”.

Priante did not hide that at the moment “the situation is not good”. Just by looking at “empty European cities. This - she explained, just before receiving the Giffoni 50 Award - will have serious economical and social consequences : there will be no work”. She also focused on our Belpaese, Italy: “Italy is wonderful but we do not deserve any credit for it because we are not doing much in order to sustain it - she claimed - What Italy lacks is basic choices: infrastructure. Italy needs serious intervention. I really hope that this moment will help stimulate new ideas”.