Saturday, 22 August 2020 21:17

#Giffoni50, Katherine Langford: “I will learn Italian to meet you at next year’s Festival”

Katherine Langford, teen idol of the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why and Cursed (besides the cult film, Love, Simon), promised the #Giffoni50 jurors to learn Italian: “I’m sorry – the 24-year-old Australian actress said – I can’t speak your language but, before coming back to the Festival live next year, I will do my best to learn it”.

Here eyes sparkle while she hears the questions coming from the Bulgarian, German and Spanish hubs and she is glowing while she talks about the excitement of having her song “I Can Be Your King” featured on the series Cursed: “Everything started in a quite spontaneous way - she says - because during the filming, which was supposed to last for 6 months but it actually lasted for 11, I composed music, sang and played the portable keyboard I always bring with me between takes. One day, one of the producers of the series heard the melody and asked me if I had ever thought of composing something for Cursed. I talked to my agent about it, who responded very positively, and so and so I made this song which the Netflix managers loved so much that they asked me to make a single out of it. So I recorded it in a couple of sessions and it ended up in the series. I still can’t believe it, managing to combine my two greatest passions, acting and music, makes me feel really proud”.

The actress also told a juror who asked her for some advice on how to follow her career’s footsteps: “If it’s something you love and it’s your passion, never let anyone talk you out of following your dream. Avoid homologation and don’t just float with the stream. What makes you unique and special is what you have and are and if you remain true to yourself, there’s nothing you can’t do”. “You moved me”, she said at the end, “Spending some time with you has been awesome”. The greeting was in Italian, “Grazie mille”, after posing with her thumb up for a “strelfie”, a streaming selfie, with the audience.