Saturday, 22 August 2020 19:03

#Giffoni50, Claudio Gubitosi: “Thanks to the kids: they understood the times we live in”

A new Giffoni during new times. The creator and founder Claudio Gubitosi talks about amazement, due to a magic that is being renewed. Despite the difficult times, the ones of Covid-19, the ones of social distancing. But the need for safety becomes a real value that is a legitimate part of Giffoni’s genetic and ethic code. This is the gist of the director’s assessment of the first part of Giffoni Film Festival’s fiftieth edition, which concludes today and in view of the second part starting Tuesday, August 25th and ending Saturday, August 29th. Pietro Rinaldi, president of Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience, also attended the conference.

I have never thought about cancelling Giffoni - the director Gubitosi said - It has been a generous, big, remarkable ‘yes’ since the beginning. I have lived unexplored seasons while I was getting closer to this fifty-year edition. I had to face reality and understand that we needed to explore unseen territories. Like a sort of stargate. I erased what I already knew to come back to the 70s, to the first editions of the Festival, and it was not hard to do that. I have always said that Giffoni would be a hymn to joy this year, because there is no right path if you do not have faith. Giffoni is a strong signal, an example, an icon, and even more so today.”

The keyword -Gubitosi explained - has been safety. It would have been impossible for me to betray the young people of Giffoni, I would have never forgiven myself. Nonetheless, we did not give up on finding new ways to involve them, both in Italy and abroad. The young people who were here have been amazing, everyone followed the rules. I want to thank them first”.

This is how the fiftieth edition of Giffoni kicked off. Screenings, debates, thoughts, meetings with talents, live streams with international hosts characterised these five days. Now the second section of #Giffoni50 begins, the one dedicated to Giffoners +13. And we are thinking about the future: “Giffoni50+ has now been launched and it is actually going to be the next edition of the Festival. I still have to thank those that will take part in the Festival in the next few days: we will meet many ministers, as well Sergio Castellitto and Toni Servillo, two icons of cinema and culture”.