Saturday, 22 August 2020 12:33

Giulio Regeni’s family will be awarded the Giffoni 50 Award by Erri De Luca

Erri De Luca, writer, poet, journalist and translator, guest at Giffoni Film Festival, dedicated his Giffoni 50 Award to Giulio Regeni’s family, the Italian PhD student from Cambridge University who was kidnapped on January 25th 2016, the day of the fifth anniversary of the Tahir Square revolution. He was found dead on February 3rd near a prison of the Egyptian Intelligence.

As a matter of fact, De Luca has always been in the forefront when it comes to human rights support: in his pamphlet, La parola contraria (The opposing word), he supported the right of freedom of expression. He wrote this pamphlet, which was signed by 65 personalities of the European cinema, after the court case in which he was involved due to his statements on the No Tav protest in Valsusa.

The founder and director of Giffoni Opportunity Claudio Gubitosi wanted to thank the writer, who met the giffoners of the Impact section and gave them some prints showing the most important moments of the first fifty years of the Festival. “Here the seed of a better humanity generates - De Luca said to the teenagers - Do not lose your enthusiasm. You are the ones who will make the world a better place”.