Saturday, 22 August 2020 10:29

#Giffoni50, Sylvester Stallone: “I’ll be at the Festival next year!”

Instead of swearing on the Bible, Sylvester Stallone swore on his Academy Award that he would come back to the Festival in 2021. During the meeting at #Giffoni50, the Hollywood star wanted to show the precious Academy Award to the audience. He also held the Award up high when taking a picture with the jurors, as a metaphor of the successes he achieved after a troubled career. “The idea of Giffoni is wonderful”, the 74-year-old star said “And I’m so looking forward to being surrounded by these teenagers’ enthusiasm next year. I wish the festival a happy birthday and a bright future ahead”.

In order to encourage the artists of tomorrow he called on them to “never give up and keep fighting”. The reason? “I have nothing else to prove to the world, but you do, and I want to help talented young people to teach budding screen players and directors how to find their way around this field”. It’s not lack of modesty but it is an objective description of reality: “I conquered the Academy Award when I was 30 and I reached everything that I wanted when I was young, I even surpassed those goals. What else could I have asked for?”. And speaking about reached goals, he concluded with a joke: “Who’s the director I feel most comfortable to work with? Easy, it’s me, because I’m the person I get along better with, in the entire world”.