Friday, 21 August 2020 20:39

Diego Bianchi "amazed" by Giffoni: "The merit goes to the idea, to the persistence and continuity"

He had already been here in 2012 as an actor in the film “Il sole dentro” by Paolo Bianchini. Diego Bianchi comes back to Giffoni after an extraordinary season of the Italian talk show Propaganda Live. Still known to many as Zoro, Bianchi wins the hearts of the participants to Giffoni Impact and, at the same time, he finds himself amazed by it. At Sala Blu, the La7 presenter recalls his first experience in Giffoni: “It was by chance that Bianchini told me he wanted me to be an African consul. And so we ended up here. I knew little or nothing at all about Giffoni. However - he admits - it has been astonishing, and the story of a Festival organised in a factually unknown town in the province of Salerno that becomes one of the most important festivals worldwide is amazing. I say that because I do not know how many other festivals may claim the range of guests that I have seen here. The merit goes to the idea, to persistence, continuity, particularly to this year’s edition. This will be an edition that you will remember, maybe more than the other ones”. Then he says ironically: “I watched the video of Giffoni50. Too easy coming with all those people in the past years. This is the year to be here”. Diego Bianchi is awarded the special prize Giffoni50 and the audience acclaim . “This - Zoro says - is a very important chance, even from a personal point of view. Hearing all the beautiful things you told me and the stimulating questions you asked me makes me happy, and confirms that we were right in doing what we did, and it makes me feel motivated to start again. With no waste of time because everything needs to be proved. Always”.