Friday, 21 August 2020 11:13

#Giffoni50, Ana Carrasco to the giffoners: “Follow your dreams”

She is the first woman to win the World Championship of motorcycle racing. Nonetheless, Ana Carrasco, a 23 year-old Spanish woman, asked the giffoners of Giffoni Impact to be considered “just as a pilot, without specifying her gender”. When she is on the race track people call her Pink Warrior, because she actually made the history of female motorcycling.

This is explained in Ride your dream, a documentary available for free from September 17th on RakutenTV, a leading streaming platform in Europe. The documentary, which premiered at #Giffoni50, goes through her life and career starting from her childhood, when, still a child, she would be put on a toy bike by her dad, who loved motors and high speed at an amateur level.

Where do I see myself in 50 years?", she answers with a smile to a juror "Still here, on track, maybe not in the race but ‘behind the scenes’, perhaps as a coach of a young racer. For now, though, I’m focusing on the near future, on this new world championship that I’m competing in”. For the record, it ends in November and she won’t take her eyes off the podium: “When I won the title, I crossed the finish line without knowing my score. As soon as they told me, I immediately thought of the ones who have always supported me, my family and my team who allowed me to make my dream come true”.

After secondary school she started studying Law at university, but all her energies have always been directed towards the podium: “This is the right moment to push on the accelerator and give my best and I just can’t let it slip through my fingers. Motorcycles remain my main goal and priority, that is the field in which I want to improve and keep winning, winning, winning. And if I made it, then anyone can make their dreams come true. Never let anyone convince you otherwise”.