Friday, 21 August 2020 10:19

Richard Gere: “I want to come back to Giffoni, I have wonderful memories of the Festival”

Richard Gere will be one of the stars of Giffoni Film Festival’s 50+ edition. The American actor, producer, and Golden Globe-winner, greeted the giffoners during a live-streamed meeting with several Giffoni hubs around over the world. “I have a request to make - he said - I want to come back to Giffoni. I have wonderful memories of the Festival. I’d never felt such a level of warmth and open-mindedness before. I was one of Giffoni’s guests together with my son and also met my present wife here”.

Gere did not elude the many questions he was asked. “There are things we need to focus on, first of all, wisdom. We need to understand that we are all interconnected and we can’t isolate ourselves from one another. The second thing is compassion and love. But that’s still not enough. We have to understand that there are people who are suffering and give real help to them”. The main questions from the giffoners were about his role as an actor. “The most difficult role to play? They’re all difficult to me because I’m in a constant and frantic search of the character”.

The young people from the Spanish hub of Valencia asked Gere about one of his memories of Kurosawa, with whom he worked in the film “Rhapsody in August”: “I’ve always admired him. He made extraordinary films and when I met him in New York we became friends. Some years later, I was in Japan and Kurosawa was celebrating his 85th birthday. We managed to communicate thanks to an interpreter and on that occasion he told me about the film. I read the script on the train and obviously I accepted. I even had to learn a monologue in Japanese! I’ll tell you a story. I thought I also had to look more Japanese and while I was trying to do my make-up I noticed that Kurosawa was shaking his head. His assistant came and said there was no need since I already looked Japanese”.

After the applause, the greeting of Claudio Gubitosi, director and founder of Giffoni: “Giffoni turns 50: I wish well to all these teenagers, who also represent the giffoners in the world who couldn’t be here due to the Covid emergency. Having you here - even though online - is a gift and an honour. I love you!”.